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About Uploading

  • ibisPaint uploads artwork files to These artwork files are published on and are shared with other users.
  • Sending an artwork file (IPV) to ibis Paint via a browser, PC/Mac, or other application, it will be saved in My Gallery and can be edited.
  • Artwork files are editable in other apps (such as CLIP STUDIO PAINT).
  • After an Artwork file (IPV) has been uploaded to the Online Gallery with an account, it can be resubmitted only using the same account.
  • Android 4.1 or later is required for uploading art works in Android version.
  • User authentication in uses OAuth authentication for Twitter or Facebook.
  • The photo you use for profile in Twitter or Facebook will be displayed on the page.
  • Movie files are uploaded to YouTube using our Google account or the Google account you specified. You can select it by "Use a Google account of your own".
  • Artwork files and movie files contains the process you painted. Don't infringe copyrights when you import some copyrighted pictures. The process will be also published.
  • The page for your art work is created when uploading finished.
  • Uploading may take some minutes. We highly recommend to set ON for notification on Twitter.
  • Please delete your posted art works and the profile of the user information on the My Page of the site if you want to quit this site.
  • You can't delete your posted art works and the profile of the user information because we can't verify identification if you lost the access to your account by such as deleting your account or forgetting the password.