Basic Concepts

The ibisPaint is not just a simple painting application! It can produce the “painting movies” that shows how you paint a picture. Share the movies and the joy of painting! Smooth painting! You can paint a picture as you want. It may not happen that a line is drawn when you don't intend to draw a line(e.g. moving the view, zooming or using other functions).

  • Drag a finger
    to draw a line
  • Drag 2 fingers
    to move the view
  • Pinch in/out
    to zoom in/out


Quick slider: Opacity

Quick slider: Thickness


Tool Selection

Tool Property


Full Screen Mode





There is the main toolbar at the bottom of screen. The thickness of the paintbrush and the opacity of the color can be controlled using “Quick slider” above the toolbar.

Tool Selection


Magic Wand






Flood Fill

Color Picker

You can select a tool from “Move”, “Magic Wand”, “Lasso(Free selection)”, “Paintbrush”, “Eraser”, “Smudge”, “Blur”, “Flood Fill”, “Color Picker”. Though you were using the paintbrush, you can use the “Quick Color Picker” by to tap & hold on the screen.

Brush Property

You can select a tool from 51 kinds of tools such as dip pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, airbrushes, round brushes and flat brushes. The thickness, opacity of start/end and other properties can be modified using sliders on the right.


30 colors can be saved on the palette. You can make a color using the hue circle, the HSB sliders or the RGB sliders. The “Now” color or the “Back” color can be saved on the palette by drag & drop.



Layer Visibility

Add a layer

Clone the layer

Import from the Photo Library

Invert canvas horizontally

Invert canvas vertically


Invert Color


Invert the layer horizontally

Invert the layer vertically

Merge Down


Layer Mode

Layer Opacity

Easy to paint realistic picture! Import a picture from the Photo Library and lower the opacity. You can trace the picture easily.

My Gallery

Play Movie

Artwork Property

After you finished the painting, enjoy your artwork on “My Gallery”. Double tap the window to switch the thumbnail lists view and the artwork view. It is like a one-man show at a gallery! For playing the painting movie or editing artwork properties, use toolbar menu.

Artwork Property

Input the title and the artist name. The artwork is published when you tap the Upload button. You can share the artwork URl and the painting movie URL(YouTube) on Twitter or Facebook after publishing. Share the joy of painting and the techniques of painting!