What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a feature that allows you to upload and save your artworks to a file storage area on the internet or download your saved artworks to your device. Prime Members can use up to 20GB of storage, and Non-Prime Members can use up to 64MB of storage.

Cloud Storage capacity
Non-Prime Members
Prime Members

* You can increase the storage capacity to 20GB by becoming a Prime Member. For more information on the Prime Membership, go to "Settings" > "Show Product Info" in ibisPaint.

Peace of mind even if your device is damaged or lost

If you back up your artworks to the cloud storage, you can rest assured even if your device is damaged or lost. If you log in with the account you always use, you can restore your files even from another device, so you don’t have to worry about losing your artwork.

You can save space on your device.

After uploading your artwork to the cloud storage, you can save space by deleting the artwork on your device. Deleted artwork can be restored to your device at any time by downloading them from the cloud storage.

You can continue your drawing on any device.

For artwork saved in the cloud storage, the data will be synchronized on all devices that are logged in with the same account that you always use. For example, you can easily draw a picture on your smartphone during your commute to work or school and then continue drawing on your tablet when you get home.

Convenient when upgrading your phone

By backing up your artwork to the cloud storage, you can easily restore your artwork files to a new device. After installing ibisPaint on your new device, simply log in with your usual account and tap "Cloud Synchronization".

Prime Membership is recommended so that you don’t have to worry about capacity.

For those who want to use the cloud storage without worrying about capacity, the Prime Membership is recommended. Prime Members get a large storage capacity of 20GB, so you can use it without worrying about the capacity.

For more information on the Prime Membership, go to “Settings” > “Show Product Info” in ibisPaint.

What’s the feature of Prime Membership?
( Windows Version )

Details of cloud storage

We have compiled how to use cloud storage and frequently asked questions on the “Tutorials” page. Please refer to this when using cloud storage.

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Prime Members

If you cancel the Prime Membership, the cloud storage capacity will be reduced from 20GB to 64MB. All artworks files that exceed the 64MB limit will be deleted from the cloud storage 30 days after the cancellation.

Non-Prime Members

If the cloud storage is not used for 180 days or more, all the artwork files saved in the cloud storage will be deleted.

For details, please see the terms of use of this service.