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About Uploading


    • When you upload your artwork to, not only the image of your artwork, but also time-lapse video and artwork file (IPV file) will be published to and shared with other users. Published artwork file can be edited in ibisPaint or other apps that support IPV file extension(CLIP STUDIO PAINT etc.).
    • User authentication on is done through SNS login using an ibisAccount, X account, Facebook account or Apple ID. The account name and profile picture of the ibisAccount, X account, Facebook account or Apple ID used as SNS login account will be displayed on
    • Once an artwork file has been uploaded to, you must use the same account you used for the initial upload to upload it again.

    About Copyrights

    • When uploading an artwork created by scanning, tracing, or processing illustrations or photographs copyrighted by others without permission may result in a copyright infringement and may result in a request for removal or compensation for damages from the copyright holder. Please be careful not to upload such artworks.
    • When uploading an artwork created by scanning, tracing, or processing copyrighted materials owned by others, you are required to take measures to prevent copyright infringement, such as checking the license of the copyrighted material used and obtaining permission for its use.
    • There might be a guidelines published by contents holders, such as publishers and game developers, regarding about the usage for their images and characters from anime, manga, games, etc. When uploading fan art, please follow these guidelines and take care not to upload any artwork that may violate the guidelines.
    • If a copyright holder files a claim for deletion of an uploaded artwork, and we deem the claim to be legitimate, we will delete the artwork. Please be aware of this beforehand.

    About Terms of Service

    • Before uploading your artwork, please review the prohibition stated in the article 11 of the Terms of Service again.
    • Please note that we may remove artworks that are clearly in violation of the Terms of Service or that may be in violation of the Terms of Service. In particular, the following types of artworks will be subject to removal.
      • Works that include adult contents, grotesque expressions, violent expressions, or expressions that remind us of crimes such as drug use.
      • Works that contain discriminatory expressions.
      • Works that infringe on the rights of others, including copyright, publicity rights, portrait rights, and trademark rights.
      • Artworks that do not use ibisPaint as the main creative tool, such as artwork that simply pasting over existing images or illustrations, or artwork that processing or tracing existing images or illustrations. This does not include artworks that are processed or traced from drafts, line drawings, or photographs of drawing dolls.
    • Please be careful not to include inappropriate content in the time-lapse video as well as in the images of the artworks.

    About the Uploading Process

    • Once your artwork has been uploaded, it will be available for viewing on The uploading process may take several tens of minutes.
    • (iOS and Google Play Store versions only) Time-lapse videos are uploaded to our video streaming system by default, but you can set them to be uploaded to your own YouTube channel by enabling "Upload Movie to YouTube" in the app settings screen.

    About Account Deletion

    • If you wish to delete your account, please go to "My Page" on and click the "Delete account" button. Please note that deleting your account will delete not only the data uploaded to, but also the data uploaded to your cloud storage.
    • If you have lost the password or deleted your ibisAccount, X account, Facebook account or Apple ID used as SNS login account, you may not be able to login to anymore. In this case, we may not be able to respond to your request to delete your uploaded data, due to the difficulty of verifying your identity. Please be aware of this.