Background Materials(IB-CC)

  • Apr 24, 2016
  • 0 hrs 17 min

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めろみ@お絵描き垢! @itigonyanya

@mirusenn0 http://ibispaint.com/art/998520841/ #ibispaint 背景お借りします! σ(o・ω・o)

about 396 day(s) ago

ことり押し @xdlpw

@mirusenn0 http://ibispaint.com/art/998520841/ #ibispaint 背景お借りしますm(*_ _)m

about 394 day(s) ago

白熊遙 @harunosukekun7

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします(*^^*)

about 392 day(s) ago


http://bit.ly/1W028XG お借りします

about 386 day(s) ago

じふ「メーデーメーデー 絵が描けぬ」 @inarizusi3957

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします。

about 381 day(s) ago

湊@インフルエンザかかった @hiru89315389

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします!

about 369 day(s) ago


@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします

about 364 day(s) ago

水素ちゃん @suiso_ekaki

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint

about 361 day(s) ago

水素ちゃん @suiso_ekaki

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします!

about 361 day(s) ago

野良猫@ハナ推しの詩民 @yamineko0303

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします!

about 341 day(s) ago

MUR☆ @general154341

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ

about 308 day(s) ago

☆mappygames☆ @mappygames1

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint

about 308 day(s) ago

☆mappygames☆ @mappygames1

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 上の間違いですごめんなさい!画像お借りします!

about 308 day(s) ago

月詠にV3は禁句 @tukuyomi__xx

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします

about 307 day(s) ago

なち@六つ子が可愛すぎてつらい @nachi723_n

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします!

about 298 day(s) ago

鷹民(鷹を崇める民) @cherry_2722

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします!

about 294 day(s) ago

コロコロ @korokoro7219

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします。

about 292 day(s) ago

ヘルツェ @Igi_Main96

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします!

about 290 day(s) ago

??? @nx3g6

http://bit.ly/1W028XG ダウンロードさせて頂きますm(_ _)m

about 284 day(s) ago

ゆい(ฅ•ω•ฅ) @Yui68445514

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします!

about 282 day(s) ago

こないよ @pandaaoi0823

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします!

about 253 day(s) ago

そらうさ@固定ツイお願い @Splatoon_sora

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします!

about 239 day(s) ago

アップル@低浮上 @sssAsssDsssA

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint

about 231 day(s) ago

アップル@低浮上 @sssAsssDsssA

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 借りさせていただきます。

about 231 day(s) ago

☆先☆ @sa0ki

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りします。

about 215 day(s) ago

ゆきしろ*イラスト垢 @yuki_shiro2525

http://bit.ly/1W028XG お借りします

about 186 day(s) ago

もものかんづめ@DMY @suzusome19

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint お借りさせていただきます

about 153 day(s) ago

なる/しろいちごちゃんとペア画中 @chotarou1220

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 加工再配布させていただきます

about 108 day(s) ago

まいてぃ🐈🐾(吉田です吉田です) @mightybassnoopy

http://bit.ly/1W028XG お借りしますm(_ _)m

about 97 day(s) ago

Acha Art

http://bit.ly/1W028XG cool

about 88 day(s) ago

さったなゃん @sakikay1

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りさせて頂きます

about 85 day(s) ago

ちゃちゃ@CUL @my_honey_love_

http://bit.ly/1W028XG 背景お借りします((。´・ω・)。´_ _))ペコリ

about 79 day(s) ago

Fureia Entenka


about 59 day(s) ago

Kz @kazu_uzak249

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします

about 55 day(s) ago

こいん @RJp0QzMo94SOln5

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 背景お借りします

about 18 day(s) ago

GONDORA @gonryu_game

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG #ibispaint 使用と保存よろしくでしょうか?

about 6 day(s) ago

RUKIA @RukiaRukiasayu1

@mirusenn0 http://bit.ly/1W028XG 背景お借りします! #ibispaint

about 2 day(s) ago


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背景素材を主に描いてます。 使用は構いませんが、使用時には一言お声掛けくださいますようお願いします。また、その素材を使用した画像をどこかへ投稿する場合は素材使ってますと私の名前を入れてください。作品の無断転載自作発言はないようにしてください。過去最高は総合27位。サムネだとだいぶ画質落ちてるのでページ飛んでいただけるとありがたいです

  • May 19, 2017
  • 1 hrs 10 min
  • 202

  • Jan 22, 2017
  • 1 hrs 38 min
  • 155

  • Jan 15, 2017
  • 1 hrs 30 min
  • 123

  • Jan 10, 2017
  • 0 hrs 12 min
  • 33

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About Categories
The categories exist to classify artwork. As such, artwork will be classified under a specific category. The categories are listed below.
Illustrations(Original): Artwork of regular illustrations will fall under this category. It should be included only original artwork, it should not be included Fan Art. All artwork will be set to the “Illustrations(Original)” category immediately after it is uploaded. Please change to the appropriate category.
Manga(Original): Manga and graphic novels (such as artwork that includes panels or multiple pieces of artwork in one manga) fall under this category. It should be included only original artwork, it should not be included Fan Art.
Illustrations(Fan Art): Illustrations of the Fan Art will fall under this category.
Manga(Fan Art): Manga of Fan Art and graphic of Fan Art novels fall under this category.
Coloring Pages/Collaboration: Line drawings, line drawings that have been created for use by another person, as well as artwork that has been created in collaboration with other people fall into this category. This is the category for collaborative artwork involving other ibisPaint users. If you do not wish for your line drawings to be used by other people, we recommend setting your artwork to another category.
How-To: Artwork that shows how to draw artwork or how to use ibisPaint falls into this category.
Video Artwork: Artwork that uses the drawing progress replay function of ibisPaint to create a movie for people to enjoy falls under this category.
Background Materials (IB-CC): Artwork that is to be shared as background material for other people to use falls under this category. The IB-CC license* applies to artwork in this category.
Traced: Artwork that is traced from another person’s artwork falls into this category. However, images that you drew by hand then took a digital image of to trace do not fall under this category.
Collages: Artwork that includes colored-in line drawings from other websites, artwork that includes manipulated images, and artwork that mainly includes photos that have been digitally manipulated fall under this category.
If the piece falls under criteria of multiple categories, please prioritize the categories beneath . For instance, in the case of secondary creation and trace, prioritize trace (excluding IB-CC).
In addition, ibisPaint administrators may change, add, or remove categories.
* The “IB-CC license” is short for “IBis Creative Commons license”. These materials are free to be used if they are used within the ibisPaint app. Any category that has “(IB-CC)” listed after its name is an IB-CC licensed category and all artwork listed under those categories falls under the IB-CC license. In addition, all artwork that was listed even once under an IB-CC licensed category falls under the IB-CC license as well.
About Category Change Settings
To change the category of artwork, login to the ibisPaint where you can change the category with the “Category Change List” in the lower-right of the artwork details screen animation.
The ibisPaint website can be accessed by opening the online gallery in the ibisPaint app or by using your browser to open the ibisPaint website at http://ibispaint.com . Please also take note of the following points regarding category changes.
  • All artwork is set to the “Illustrations(Original)(Undesignated)” category immediately after it is uploaded. Please change to the appropriate category.
  • The artist is free to change their own artwork to any category.
  • Other people (people other than the artist) may change the category of an artwork. However, other people may not change the artwork to an IB-CC licensed category. In addition, other people may not change the category if the artwork is already within an IB-CC licensed category.
  • When the artist of the artwork changes the category, others cannot perform changes to the category of that artwork.
  • The category of an artwork cannot be changed when not logged into the ibisPaint website.
  • The ibisPaint administrators are exempt from the above limitations and can change the category of an artwork at any time.
  • When a person other than the artist changes the category, the artist will be informed that the category has been changed. However, the artist will not be told who has changed the category.
Any category change is left to the judgment of whoever changes it, whether they are the artist or not.