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Basic Principle

The ibis mobile inc.("we","our" or "us") are developing softwares for mobile devices and web applications and providing services for mobile devices. We recognize that protection of personal informations is a great social responsibility. To protect all people's rights, we comply with laws and regulations about handling personal informations and construct the personal informations management system based on the policy below.

  1. We acquire, utilize or provide personal informations only for limited purposes.
  2. We take reasonable security measures against the risk of illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal informations.
  3. We take measures to prevent loss, destruction or leakage of personal informations and continue to improve these measures for better security system for personal informations.
  4. We comply the laws, guidelines or other regulations about handling personal informations.
  5. We continue to improve our personal informations management system.

We publish this principle and inform employees and partners of it to keep them educated and highly conscious of protection of personal informations. If you want to contact us about this principle or your personal informations, see below.

Notice: There is no fixed format to request disclosure of your personal information. We ask some questions in reply for identification. Disclosure of personal informations is free.

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Established this document at: 1/Aug/2007
Last modified at: 1/Dec/2016
ibis mobile inc.
CEO Eiji Kamiya

Privacy Policy

- 1. Purpose of Using Personal Informations -

The personal informations we handle are classified as below.

  1. Which related to a service we provide.("Personal information for service")
  2. Which related to employment or recruitment of employees.("Personal information for employment")
  3. Which related to an order to develop systems for us.("Personal information for order")
  4. Which related to our business of dispatching information engineer.("Personal information for dispatch")
  5. Which related to a sales act such as a business card.("Personal information for sales")

The purpose of each informations are below.

  1. Personal information for service
    • To make the system available and provide services.
    • To contact with customers.
    • To analyze the trend of using services.
    • In ads base service, it may be to analyze and report user trend to an advertiser.
    • To notify a new service, a new function, a serious bug or a serious trouble.
  2. Personal information for employment
    • To judge applicant's fitness or aptitude for the work.
    • To contact with an applicant.
  3. Personal information for order
    • To develop the systems in order.
  4. Personal information for dispatch
    • To execute our dispatch business.
  5. Personal information for sales
    • To utilize for sales.

- 2. Acquisition of Personal Informations -

We acquire a personal information by input on a web page, mailing us a paper, sending FAX to us, sending us a electronic file or sending us a database file.

- 3. Management of Personal Informations -

We manage the personal informations except the case we entrust providing services or developing systems to a specified trustee we judge appropriate.

- 4. Disclosure, Correction or Deletion -

We disclose, correct or delete personal informations in possession when you requested and you are identified.

- 5. Provide for a Third Party -

We never disclose your personal information to a third party except following cases.

  • If you have permitted to in advance.
  • If law regulates.
  • If it is needed to protect a person's life, body or property and hard to get your permission.
  • If a national organization or local government or who consigned a work from them requests to disclose the information based on laws or regulations.

- 6. Modification of this guideline -

We publish new guideline promptly after we modify the guideline.

- 7. Supplement -

  1. Our "Basic Principle" and "Privacy Policy" prescribe how we handle personal informations in Japan.
  2. Please provide your personal information with your parent/guardian's consent when you are under age.