• Sep 12, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.3 for Android (Released 12/Sep/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.3 for Android is now available. More
  • Aug 29, 2017 About Comic Feature
    You can now post and view comic in the Online Gallery of the ibis Paint. More
  • Jun 26, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.2 for Android (Released 26/Jun/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.2 for Android is now available. More


Mar 21, 2013  ver. 2.8.2 (Released 21/Mar/2013)

ibisPaint ver.2.8.2 released.

 [Improved Point]

  • Adjusted an eye button of a layer in the layer window to be easy to tap it.

 [Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that

  • The display work time is longer than the true work time if app is closed while editing.
  • App freezes when the page of supported styluses is closed after the device is rotated.
  • The position of popups isn't right when the iPad is rotated.
  • The number of the current layer of the layer button in the toolbar disappears when the iPhone/iPod touch is rotated while moving a layer.