• Jan 20, 2017 ver.4.2.3 for Android (Released 20/Jan/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.4.2.3 for Android is released. More
  • Dec 14, 2016 ver.4.2.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch(Released 14/Dec/2016)
    ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.4.2.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch is released. More
  • Dec 9, 2016 ver.4.2.1 for Android (Released 9/Dec/2016)
    ibisPaint X ver.4.2.1 for Android is released. More

Ver.4.2.0 New Features

Added the Frame Divider Tool.

It’s now easier to draw manga!

  • ①Tap the “Frame Divider” tool.

  • ②Tap the screen, and then tap the “Add Frame” button.

  • ③Adjust the margin and the width, and tap the “Done” button.

  • ④Drag your finger across the rectangle where you want to split it into sections, and the panel will be divided.

Added Perspective Form to the Transform Tool

It’s now easier to draw pictures with perspective, like floor textures!

  • ①Tap the “Transform Tool”.

  • ②Select “Perspective Form”, and change to your preferred shape and size.

  • ③Tap the “Done” button.

Added Mesh Form to the Transform Tool

It’s now easier to draw distorted patterns, such as clothing textures!

  • ①Tap the “Transform Tool”.

  • ②Select “Mesh Form”, and change to your preferred shape and size.

  • ③Tap the “Done” button.

Added Canvas Size to the Canvas Tool

You can now change the canvas size even after the work has been created!

  • ①Tap the “Canvas Tool”.

  • ②Select “Change Canvas Size”.

  • ③Enter your preferred size.
    ④Tap the “Done” button.

  • The canvas size will change.

Added Resize to the Canvas Tool

You can now resize the canvas and change DPI even after the work has been created!

  • ①Tap the “Canvas Tool”.

  • ②Select “Resize”.

  • ③Enter your preferred resolution.

  • ④Tap the “Done” button.

Added Array Ruler to the Ruler Window

Array Ruler has been added to the ruler window!

  • ①Tap the “Ruler Tool”.
    ②Select “Array Ruler”.
    ③Set the number of horizontal and vertical divisions.

  • ④Adjust the ruler to your preferred size, and select the cell you want to draw in.

  • ⑤Lock the ruler.
    ⑥When you draw in the cell indicated, it will be replicated in the other cells.

Added Drop Shadow to the Filter Tool

Drop Shadow has been added to the filters!

  • ①Select the layer on which to apply the drop shadow.

  • ②Tap the “Filter Tool”.

  • ③Select “Drop Shadow”.

  • ④Set the radius, angle, and distance, and tap the “Done” button.

Added Radial Line Gradation to the Filter Tool

Radial Line Gradation has been added to the filters!

  • ①Tap the “Filter Tool”.

  • ②Select “Radial Line Gradation”.

  • ③Set the count, phase, middle value etc., and tap the “Done” button.

  • The gradient will be applied.

Added Sphere Lens to the Filter Tool

Sphere Lens has been added to the filters!

  • ①Tap the “Filter Tool”.

  • ②Select “Sphere Lens”.

  • ③Set the height, radius, refractive index etc., and tap the “Done” button.

Added "Save Canvas as Transparent PNG"

"Save Canvas as Transparent PNG" command has been added to the layer window “…” command, and you can now save images without returning to My Gallery.

  • ①Tap “Layer”.

  • ②Change “Background” to “Transparent”.
    ③Tap “…”

  • ④When you select “Save Canvas as Transparent PNG”, the image will come up with a transparent background.

Added Window Color to the Settings Window

It is now possible to change the window color so that you can distinguish between the settings window and the canvas! You can choose from black or white.

  • ①Tap “Settings”.

  • ②Select the window color.

  • Dark mode

  • Light mode

Ver.4.1.0 New Features

Symmetry Ruler

Added a new Symmetry Ruler!! (Mirror Ruler, Kaleidoscope Ruler, Rotation Ruler)

  • ①Tap the Ruler tool button

  • Mirror Ruler

  • Kaleidoscope Ruler

  • Rotation Ruler

Canvas size for print

Added a new canvas size for print with DPI!!

Alpha Lock

Added a new Alpha Lock switch in layer window!!

  • ①Tap the Layer button
    ②Select a layer for lock
    ③Tap the Alpha Lock button

Selection Area Menu

Added a new Selection Area menu with Cut, Copy and Paste commands!!

  • ①Tap the Selection Area button

New 21 Brushes

Added new 21 brushes!! (Calligraphy, Light Diamond, Light Diamond(Outline), Diamond(Real Top), Diamond(Real Side), Diamond(Icon), Queen Crown, Queen Crown(Outline), King Crown, King Crown(Outline), Drop, Drop(Outline), Dragonfly, Dragonfly(Outline), Grass(Fern), Grass(Green foxtail), Grass(Sedge), Grass(Nutsedge), Grass(Goosegrass), Grass(Kentucky Bluegrass), Grass(Luzula))

  • ①Queen Crown
    ③King Crown
    ④Light Diamond
    ⑤Diamond(Real Top)

  • ⑥Dragonfly

Mosaic filter

Added a new Mosaic filter!!

  • ①Tap the Tool Selector button
    ②Tap the Filter button

  • ③Tap the Mosaic menu

  • ④Tap the OK button

Ver.4.0.0 New Features

Text tool function

Add text tool function (an advanced text tool with Vertical, Horizontal, Stroke, select fonts, and multiple text features).

Material tool function

Add material tool function (880 textures and tones have been added).

Added 6 filters

6 additional (Wet Edge, Glow(Outer), Glow(Inner), Stroke(Both), Stroke(Outer), Stained glass) FX (filters) have been added.

Added 21 brushes

21 new brushes (Pen (Fade), Chain, Lace, Feather, Swallowtail, Spider Net, Waterwheel, Waterwheel (Outline), Gear Wheel1, Gear Wheel1(Outline), Gear Wheel2, Gear Wheel2(Outline), Pinwheel, Pinwheel(Outline), Square, Pentagram1, Pentagram2, Pentagram3, Hexagram1, Hexagram2, Hexagram3) have been added.

Exporting Video (MOV)

Added video sharing function (You can create videos without a Twitter or a Facebook account, and also select the length of the video).

Import Photos

New feature that allows you to select an image and create a new canvas on the canvas size select screen.

Custom canvas size now available with keyboard input

You can now input values using the keyboard to specify the canvas size on the canvas size select screen.

Changed the app icon and title screen design

New app icon and title screen design.

Ver.3.7.0 New Features

Filter feature

Added a filter tool with 15 filters. "Brightness & Contrast", "Hue Saturation Lightness", "Color Balance", "Extract Drawing", "Change Drawing Color", "Mono Color", "Gray Scale", "Black & White", "Posterize", "Gaussian Blur", "Zooming Blur", "Moving Blur", "Blur Frame", "Parallel Gradation", "Concentric Gradation"

49 new brushes

Added 49 new brushes. "Pencil(Graphite)", "Pencil(#1)", "Pencil(#2)", "Oil(Rough)", "Oil(Hair)", "Oriental(Shan Shui)", "Five Lines", "Charcoal", "Soft Pastel", "Hard Pastel", "Crayon", "Chalk", "Net3", "Net4", "Circular Cross Hatching", "Flash", "Wedge", "Pile", "Speed", Stamps (30)

Transparent background

Added a transparent background feature. (Now in the layer window you can swap between white, bright transparent or dark transparent background colors. If you save work with a transparent background as a PNG you can save it as a transparent PNG with all layers combined.)

Rotate the canvas

Added a feature that allows you to rotate the canvas to any angle with two fingers. (this feature can be turned off in the settings window)


Save as a JPEG

Added a feature that allows you to share and save an image as a JPEG.

Import artwork files(IPV)

Added a feature that allows IPV files opened from other apps such as email or cloud drives to be added to My Gallery. (It can be used for backing up the IPV, restoring it, or sharing it between users.

Send and receive through AirDrop.

Added a feature in which you can send and receive ipv through (iOS)AirDrop.

Ver.3.6.2 New Feature

Canvas of any size

Added any canvas size slider in Canvas Size Selecting Window!

Ver.3.6.0 New Features

Screen tone function for comic art

Added 10 screen tones! Dot, Noise, Horizontal, Vertical, Slash-R, Slash-L, Cross, Cross-X, Square, Square-X.

New 19 brushes

Added 19 new brushes! Airbrush(Perticle L), Flatbrush(Rect.), Splash, Circle(Edge), Flare, Light 4, Light 6, Light 8, Heart, Star, Star(Round), Triangle, Triangle(Noise), Pentagon, Hexagon, Blur Circle(In), Blur Circle(Out), Blur Pentagon(In), Blue Pentagon(Out).

Naming Layer

Added the naming layer function in "..." button on Layer Window!

Share To

Added the sharing function to Twitter and/or Facebook and so on as PNG, MOV, IPV(ibisPaint Vector file) on My Gallery!

New Canvas Size

Added Twitter Header size and Postcard(JP) size in Canvas Size Selecting Window!

Ver.3.5.0 New Feature

3D Touch

Added the pressure sensitivity function by 3D Touch. * This function is available only on devices of supporting the pressure sensitivity such as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. You can disable this function on Settings.

Ver.3.4.0 New Features

Ruler Tool

Added the Ruler tool function. (Straight Ruler, Circular Ruler, Ellipse Ruler and Radial Ruler)

Stabilizer and Force Fading

Added the Stroke Stabilizer and Force Fading function.

Clipping Mask

Added the Clipping Mask of the layer function.

New Canvas Sizes

Added new creatable canvas sizes: 1:1(768x768), 3:4(768x1024), 9:16(720x1280), A4 150dpi(1240x1754), B5 150dpi(1039x1476)(You may able not to select them by the performance of your device.)

Ver.3.3.0 New Features

Real and Beautiful Brushes

Added more real and beautiful twelve brushes. (Ads are needed on Free version.)

Easy Settings

Added the "Easy Settings" switch to the flood fill tool and the magic wand tool. (The unpainting of the edge disappears by this setting.)

Expansion and Reduction

Added the setting of the expansion and reduction of the filled area to the flood fill tool and the magic wand tool. (This setting can make the border.)

Repeat Function

Added the repeat function to a function of importing an image and moving a layer. (This function can import and make the screen tone and the seamless texture.)

Ver.3.2.0 New Features

Layer Blend Mode

Added 21 new layer blend modes (Darken, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix, Difference, Exclusion, Divide, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity).

Compress and Save the Vector File

Added a function that compress and save the vector file of artwork.

Displays the Canvas Size and the File Size

Added a function that displays the canvas size and the file size of artwork on the Art Property screen.

Clear White

Added a function to the layer window that clears white areas in the layer.

Select Opacity

Added a function to the layer window that designates the selection areas by the opacity of the layer.

Save as Transparent PNG

Added a function to the layer window that save a picture of the layer to the Photo Library as the transparent png file.