• Sep 12, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.3 for Android (Released 12/Sep/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.3 for Android is now available. More
  • Aug 29, 2017 About Comic Feature
    You can now post and view comic in the Online Gallery of the ibis Paint. More
  • Jun 26, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.2 for Android (Released 26/Jun/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.2 for Android is now available. More


Apr 18, 2017  ver.4.3.3 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (Released 18/Apr/2017)

ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.4.3.3 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch is now available.

 [Improved Points]

  • Added a function that displays names of tools in Tool Selection window. (You can disable this function on "Show Label in Tool Selection" of Configuration window.)
  • Changed registration process of YouTube channel according to Google policy. (Existing setting will be cleared.)

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a bug where the brush pattern will be drawn twice with one tap when using Circular Ruler.
  • Fixed a bug where the brush pattern will not be drawn with tap when using Elliptical Ruler.
  • Fixed a problem where "SD Size" of new canvas menu is displayed as "HD Size" in Russian.
  • Fixed a bug where a download display of IPV file in Online Gallery is displayed on the incorrect position.