• Aug 8, 2017 About Bon holidays(Summer vacation)
    Support of ibisPaint will close during Bon holidays. More
  • Jun 26, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.2 for Android (Released 26/Jun/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.2 for Android is now available. More
  • Jun 24, 2017 ver.5.0.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (Released 24/Jun/2017)
    ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.5.0.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch is now available. More


May 30, 2017  ver.5.0.1 for Android (Released 30/Mar/2017)

ibisPaint X ver.5.0.1 for Android is now available.

 [Improved Point]

  • Improved memory consumption of Symmetry Ruler.

 [Fixed Bugs]

  • Fixed a bug where Clipping or Alpha Lock may be broken at playback.
  • Fixed a bug where Canvas screen was broken on phone devices with low screen resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where Online Gallery will not be displayed when notification is tapped.