• Sep 12, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.3 for Android (Released 12/Sep/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.3 for Android is now available. More
  • Aug 29, 2017 About Comic Feature
    You can now post and view comic in the Online Gallery of the ibis Paint. More
  • Jun 26, 2017 ibisPain X ver.5.0.2 for Android (Released 26/Jun/2017)
    ibisPaint X ver.5.0.2 for Android is now available. More


Mar 6, 2013  ver. 2.8.0 (Released 6/Mar/2013)

ibisPaint ver.2.8.0 released!

 [New Features & Improved Points]

  • Increased the maximum count of the layer on the hight performance devices.
    *The maximum count of the layer of every devices are below.
    -iPad 2/iPad mini: 20(SD size)。
    -iPad(3rd gen): 25(SD size) / 10(HD size)
    -iPad(4th gen): 40(SD size) / 10(HD size)
    -iPhone 4/iPhone 4S: 10(SD size)
    -iPhone 5: 60(SD size) / 12(HD size)
    -iPod touch(5th gen): 10(HD size)
    -Other: 6
  • Improved memory consumption of the flood fill tool or the magic wand tool.
  • Changed the animation of the device rotation of the canvas.
  • Cancelled the freeze which occurs on the device rotation.
  • Reduced the return time of the app on the canvas.
  • Added a function that the user can check purchased add-ons and buy add-ons on the settings.

 [Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that
  • You can't use the digital styluses(e.g. iPen) or the position of the digital styluses is not right.
And many stability problems.