Apr 24, 2018  About support during Japanese holiday week

Support for ibisPaint will be closed during Japanese holiday week.

Holidays and weekdays are below.

28/Apr/2018(Sat)  Holiday
29/Apr/2018(Sun)  Holiday
30/Apr/2018(Mon)  Holiday
1/May/2018(Tue)   Weekday
2/May/2018(Wed)   Weekday
3/May/2018(Thu)  Holiday
4/May/2018(Fri)  Holiday
5/May/2018(Sat)  Holiday
6/May/2018(Sun)   Holiday

Regarding inquiries during holidays, we will take actions in order from 1/May/2017(Tue), 2/May/2017(Wed) and 7/May/2017(Mon). However it may take some time for reply to you.

*About the service

There is no plan to stop the service of ibisPaint.

Please give us an understanding.