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The 24th Material Contest

The 24th ibisPaint Material Contest results announcement !

Thank you very much for the many entries to the ibisPaint Material Contest. One grand prix winning work (extra prize: PayPal $100USD), 56 silver prizes (extra prize: PayPal $15USD) were selected.

Winners will be contacted individually via X DMs. We plan to hold this contest again in the future, and hope that everyone will participate from now on, too.

Theme:Retro Pop

Grand Prix


Judge's Comments

The quality is high, and it is a wonderful artwork with warmth and nostalgia!


Paypal 100USD

Second Prize

Second PrizeArtworks01 Paypal 15USD

melon soda


Second PrizeArtworks02 Paypal 15USD

Retro Fabric Pattern Beige 02


Second PrizeArtworks03 Paypal 15USD

Cute Retro Frame 02


Second PrizeArtworks04 Paypal 15USD

Retro Wallpaper Planet Disco


Second PrizeArtworks05 Paypal 15USD

Retro Comics Balloon Text


Second PrizeArtworks06 Paypal 15USD

Comics background 4

Somaya Sameh(@SomayaSameh4)

Second PrizeArtworks07 Paypal 15USD

Rubik cube (pop art)

Somaya Sameh(@SomayaSameh4)

Second PrizeArtworks08 Paypal 15USD

Cassette tapes

Somaya Sameh(@SomayaSameh4)

Second PrizeArtworks09 Paypal 15USD

Retro neon icons 2nd version

Somaya Sameh(@SomayaSameh4)

Second PrizeArtworks10 Paypal 15USD

Retro background 2

Somaya Sameh(@SomayaSameh4)

Second PrizeArtworks11 Paypal 15USD

Lollipops (pop art)

Somaya Sameh(@SomayaSameh4)

Second PrizeArtworks12 Paypal 15USD

cute love (pixel)

vicka ananda(@da_anan77)

Second PrizeArtworks13 Paypal 15USD

muffin (pixel)

vicka ananda(@da_anan77)

Second PrizeArtworks14 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks15 Paypal 15USD

Retro TV


Second PrizeArtworks16 Paypal 15USD

Retro phone


Second PrizeArtworks17 Paypal 15USD

Bubblegum bubble-Realistic


Second PrizeArtworks18 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks19 Paypal 15USD

Bubblegum bubble-Retro


Second PrizeArtworks20 Paypal 15USD

Skateboard-Retro pop


Second PrizeArtworks21 Paypal 15USD


mawari sub(@submawari)

Second PrizeArtworks22 Paypal 15USD


mawari sub(@submawari)

Second PrizeArtworks23 Paypal 15USD


mawari sub(@submawari)

Second PrizeArtworks24 Paypal 15USD


mawari sub(@submawari)

Second PrizeArtworks25 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks26 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks27 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks28 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks29 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks30 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks31 Paypal 15USD

Record Player

Syna Murmu(@synasio)

Second PrizeArtworks32 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pattern


Second PrizeArtworks33 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pop BG 3


Second PrizeArtworks34 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pop BG 2


Second PrizeArtworks35 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pop BG 1


Second PrizeArtworks36 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks37 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks38 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks39 Paypal 15USD

Retro pop Food


Second PrizeArtworks40 Paypal 15USD

Retro pop styled template


Second PrizeArtworks41 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks42 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks43 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks44 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks45 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks46 Paypal 15USD

speech buble


Second PrizeArtworks47 Paypal 15USD

clouds pop art

Nana Iteza(@itezanana)

Second PrizeArtworks48 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks49 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pop Stickers 2

M I K O O💫(@takookgaa)

Second PrizeArtworks50 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pop stickers 1

M I K O O💫(@takookgaa)

Second PrizeArtworks51 Paypal 15USD



Second PrizeArtworks52 Paypal 15USD

retro city view


Second PrizeArtworks53 Paypal 15USD

PR 07


Second PrizeArtworks54 Paypal 15USD

PR 03


Second PrizeArtworks55 Paypal 15USD

retro stiker 1


Second PrizeArtworks56 Paypal 15USD

Retro Pop Cassette lineart

Nil M(@)

Opening of the 24th ibisPaint Material Contest!

Application for this contest have now closed. The following is an explanation of when the event is being held.

Thank you for continuing to use ibisPaint. Many people participated in the previous Material Contest. Thank you very much. The theme for this times Material Contest is Retro Pop. Submissions for both Stamp Materials and Background Materials are welcome!

We have prepared an extra prize for contest winners. All winning submissions will be registered as materials for ibisPaint. We look forward to receiving many entries!

Click here for past campaigns

tape tape tape

Rewards and Extra Prizes

Rewards and Extra Prizes

※The Grand Prize will be awarded to one person, and the Silver and Bronze Prizes will be awarded to several people.

The 24th Material Contest Theme

  • Theme:Retro Pop
  • Canvas size: Within 2500px×2500px
  • Entry Period: 2023/03/27(Mon.) 0:00am(JST) ~2023/04/02(Sun.) 11:59pm(JST)[Don't miss the deadline](Finished)


The example of stamp material is a Melon Soda, but any illustration that evokes Retro Pop is acceptable, including Pattern Material, Accessories, and Food, etc. For background material, any illustration that evokes Retro Pop is acceptable. (Please make sure that your entries do not infringe any copyrights.)

tape ベレー帽ちゃん

Participation Requirements

  1. Residents of countries where PayPal is accepted (excluding Russia).
  2. Have a work that was drawn in ibisPaint or ibisPaint X
  3. You must be following@ibisPaintCt, the official X account for the ibisPaint Material Contest, or leave your DMs open.
    (In order to send prizes, DMs must be set to be able to receive messages. When the winners are decided, if we are unable to send you a DM or contact you, we will assume you forfeit receiving the extra prize)
  4. Submission must be your own work (Tracing, copying of other people's works, and copying of works with portrait or design rights are not acceptable.)

Application Method


If your submission is a stamp material, after completing the work, please press the Layer tab at the bottom right and select one of the squares in the middle from the background at the bottom and make the background transparent. (If your submission is a background material, you do not need to make the background transparent.)

Press either of the squares framed in red as you like to make the background transparent.

i-icon ←Tap it!

Put “#ibisContest24” in the description and upload


Post your completed works to Online Gallery, using the hashtag #ibisContest24


Once uploaded to Online Gallery, open the page from the URL and select “Stamp Materials (IB-CC)” or “Background Materials (IB-CC)” in the bottom right as the category.

Set the tab surrounded by a red frame to "Stamp Materials (IB-CC)" for a stamp material and "Background Materials (IB-CC)" for a background material.

That’s it, you’re finished!


Post the URL of your Online Gallery submission on X along with the hashtag #ibisContest24.


  • One person can submit multiple entries. We look forward to receiving plenty of submissions.
  • Please note that any posts or works submitted may be used by ibisPaint for promotional purposes. Please be aware of this before entering.
  • Minors must obtain permission from a parent or guardian before entering.
  • The names of the materials that will be added to Material tool may be altered. We appreciate your understanding.
  • The category the materials will be placed in will be decided by us.
  • We may make some changes to the select materials.
  • We have created a new X account for the ibisPaint Material Contest, so contest participants are requested to follow @ibisPaintCt.
  • Our responsibility for PayPal prizes is considered complete when we have confirmed the completion of the remittance.
  • Winning prize will be sent out approximately two weeks after the results are announced.
  • If you submit artworks in different colors, one of the artworks will be considered for the prize, and all the artworks will be added to the app.
  • If you submit several artworks which are slightly different, one of the artworks will be considered for the prize, and all the artworks will be added to the app.

What is IB-CC

IB-CC License is an abbreviation for the IBis Creative Commons License, which is to certify that users’ creations with this license do not constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights and may be freely used only when used with our services. However, we will not use user's creations for training AI without the user's consent.

The copyright of the submitted material will be reserved by the author, but you will be asked to set the category to which the material is submitted as either Stamp Materials (IB-CC) or Background Material (IB-CC) so that the material may be made available for use to other users. In the future, works in IB-CC category may be made available for users download directly from Materials tool. Moving forward, we would like to continue to build a more convenient digital painting environment with the help of our users.