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ibisPaint For Educational Institutions

(Compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

ibisPaint Edu is a product specifically designed for educational institutions,
where you can use almost all the drawing features of ibisPaint at a low cost.


A drawing app that fulfills the desire to learn


Features of ibisPaint Edu

Four features of ibisPaint Edu



You can use almost all the features, including the Prime Membership features (*1), at a lower cost than the product for consumers.


One-time Purchase

It is a one-time purchase (not a subscription).


No Ads

No advertisements are displayed within the application.


Safe and Secure

Social networking features (Online Gallery and artwork rankings) have been removed, allowing for safe use in educational settings such as schools.

(*1) Some features, including Cloud Storage, are not available.

App List

Comparison between ibisPaint App and Prime Membership Plans

Free version
Paid version or
add-on purchase
Prime membership
ibisPaint For
Educational Institutions
Usage Time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage 64MB 64MB 20GB ×
Basic Features check_icon check_icon check_icon check_icon
No advertisements × check_icon check_icon check_icon
Hiding Watermarks on the Video × check_icon check_icon check_icon
Vector tool ×(※1) ×(※1) check_icon check_icon
Prime filters × × check_icon check_icon
Prime Adjustment Layer × × check_icon check_icon
Reordering artworks in My Gallery × × check_icon check_icon
Customizing background color of Canvas screen × × check_icon check_icon
Creating Animation works of any size × × check_icon check_icon
Prime materials × × check_icon check_icon
Prime fonts × × check_icon check_icon
Prime Canvas papers × × check_icon check_icon
Price Free about $9.99 USD(※2)
  • about $2.99 USD per month
  • about $27.99 USD per year
  • (※2)
    Requires Inquiry

    (*1) You can try it for free for up to 1 hour per day.

    (*2) may vary depending on the store


    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    We have compiled the frequently asked questions about ibisPaint Edu.
    If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us via Quotation・Inquiry.

    Q. Can you please specify which features are limited?

    A. The features included in the consumer product that are limited in ibisPaint Edu are as follows:

    • Online Gallery features (posting artwork, browsing other users’ artwork, browsing Tutorials pages)
    • Daily Ranking feature
    • Cloud Storage feature
    • Feature to download fonts from external sites
    • Feature to download brushes from Online Gallery

    Q. Please tell me which devices (smartphones/tablets) are supported.

    A. ibisPaint Edu is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

    For a list of supported versions of iOS/iPadOS, please see this page.

    Q. Please tell me about the payment method.

    A. The purchase will be done through Apple School Manager.

    Please view here regarding Apple School Manager.
    Payments on Apple School Manager can be made with credit cards or VPP (Volume Purchase Program) Credit. See here for more information about VPP Credit.

    Q. Are there any restrictions on the number of licenses that need to be purchased?

    A. You can purchase from a single license.

    Q. Can I reassign a license to a different device?

    A. Yes, it is possible through the management options in Apple School Manager.

    Q. Are updates of app free after purchase?

    A. Yes. After purchase, all updates to the app (bug fixes, feature additions, etc.) are free.

    Q. I would like to use ibisPaint Edu on an Android device.

    A. If you would like to use the app on Android, please contact us. We will use your feedback to consider supporting Android devices.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us using the button below.