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Mar 16, 2018  ibisPaint X ver.5.1.5 for Android (Released 16/Mar/2018)

ibisPaint X ver.5.1.5 for Android is now available.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a problem where some screens (which are Canvas, Playback, Uploading and Saving screens) in Chromebook do not work.
  • Fixed a bug where the Font List window cannot be opened in Galaxy S8(+) when the navigation bar is hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where uploading an artwork or saving a movie does not progress in Galaxy S8(+) when the navigation bar is hidden.
  • Fixed a problem where the software keyboard becomes hidden unexpectedly in the Change Canvas Size Window or the Resize Window if you tap an input box while you are typing into another input box.
  • Fixed a bug where the resulting patterns of some brushes (Flash, Wedge, Pile or Speed) drawn with Circular or Elliptical ruler do not point to the center of the circle or ellipse.
  • Fixed a bug by which an error alert which says "std::bad_alloc" is shown if you execute Play, Restore By Playback, Upload or sharing movie for some artworks.
  • Fixed a bug where the upper margin of a popup window is different from the lower one when the window Color is set to White in the tablet device.