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Apr 18, 2012
ver. 2.3.0 (Released 18/Apr/2012)

ibisPaint ver.2.3.0 released!

[New Features And Improvement]

  • Retina display of iPad(3rd gen) is supported.
  • Arts of HD size are supported.
    You can create arts of 1536x2048 sizes in iPad(3rd gen) and iPad 2, and 1280x1920 sizes in iPhone 4S.
    *For restriction of the performance of a device, you can play arts of HD size on iPad(3rd gen), iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S only.
  • Added a indication of erasure ranges to a eraser.
  • Modified the maximum thickness of a brush and a eraser to double (max. 256px).
  • Improved brushes and erasers to be smoother for drawing thick lines.
  • Added a function that re-generate thumbnail images of arts which doesn't have it.
  • Improved consumption of memory for editing, playing and uploading arts.
  • Changed the minimum and the maximum magnification of the canvas to be in propotion to a ratio of sizes of the canvas and the screen.
  • Changed not to use UDID.
  • Removed the battery status of iPen from the calibration window of iPen.

[Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that

  • App freezes for few seconds when you open the multitasking bar or the notification center.
  • You seldom be unable to use iPen when you suspend the device.
  • Selection ranges of a lasso tool is bigger than designated ranges.
  • The playing direction of horizontal and vertical inversion of canvas or layers are wrong when you rotate a art.
  • Number characters are changed to emoji in the art title on movies uploaded with iOS 4.3.x.
  • The frame of arts of the online gallery on the title screen isn't fine.
  • App crashes when it tries to restore arts which can't be restored completely.
  • App crashes when it plays color picker of arts whose movie type is not set to normal.