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Jul 3, 2015
ibisPaint X ver. 3.3.0 for Android (Released 03/Jul/2015)

ibisPaint X ver.3.3.0 for Android is released.

 [New Features and Improved Points]

  • Added more real and beautiful twelve brushes. (Ads are needed.)
  • Added the "Easy Settings" switch to the flood fill tool and the magic wand tool. (The unpainting of the edge disappears by this setting.)
  • Added the setting of the expansion and reduction of the filled area to the flood fill tool and the magic wand tool. (This setting can make the border.)
  • Added the repeat function to a function of importing an image and moving a layer. (This function can import and make the screen tone and the seamless texture.)
  • Added Remove-Ads add-on. (You can buy it from the Settings screen.)
  • Improved a function of importing an image as imports an image only in the selection area.
  • Improved the quality of Importing an image in enlarging and reducing.
  • Improved the maximum size of importing an image to 4096px.
  • Improved the effectiveness of Quick Color Picker.
  • Extended the maximum thickness of the Pen and Airbrush from 256px to 1000px.
  • Extended the maximum magnification ratio of the canvas view from 3000% to 4000%.
  • Extended the magnification ratio of Moving a layer and Importing an image from 10 - 3000% to 1 - 4000%.
  • Changed the characteristics of the slider of the brush thickness from linear to logarithmic.
  • Improved the movement speed of the slider of the brush tool window on the slow device.
  • Improved the effectiveness of the switch on each screens.
  • Changed to display the reload button in the case of the connection error on the Tutorial screen.
  • Added a function that displays the version information when the version number in the Title screen is tapped.
  • Changed the default angle of the flat brush to 90 degrees.
  • Changed the dashed line of the selection area to hide it when it is too complex to process.
  • Changed the default value of the movie type on the tablet device to "View fixation".
  • Removed the switch of setting of sending a crash report from the Settings screen. (The confirm alert is displayed when app crashed.)

 [Fixed Bugs And Problems]

  • Fixed a bug that picture of layers disappears by specific operations on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug that imported image becomes white on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug that buttons of the Canvas screen becomes inoperable.
  • Fixed a problem that white garbage appears on the edge when enlarging and reducing an layer or an transparent png image on Moving an layer or Importing an image with a black background and dark lines.
  • Fixed a bug that the quick color picker works with the tool which can't select a color.
  • Fixed a bug that the selection area is cleared if Back button pressed on the Layer Moving mode.
  • Fixed a bug that lines that undo is impossible are drawn when the brush palette of the brush tool window is tapped repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug that "For the current tool" alert is displayed when playing artworks.
  • Fixed a bug that the playing result of a sample artwork "Yuri Shirai" is greatly different.
  • Fixed a bug that "intializeInstance() is not called." error is displayed when lack of memory occurs in importing an image on phone devices.
  • Fixed a bug that the app can't import an image when lack of memory occurs.
  • Fixed a bug that registering the Google account fails.
  • Fixed a bug that the app freezes when you use the blur tool with the selection area on devices of Adreno 205.
  • Fixed a but that the redo of composing layers doesn't work on devices of Intel HD Graphics.
  • Fixed a problem that drawing results of editing and constant speed playback and high-speed playback in the brush tool are different.
  • Fixed a bug that the scrollbar in the canvas screen does not disappear.