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Sep 11, 2015
ver.3.4.3 for Android (Released 11/Sep/2015)

ibisPaint X ver.3.4.3 for Android is released.

 [Improved Point]

  • Changed the position of the Brush/Eraser switching button to the toolbar on tablet devices.

 [Fixed Bugs And Problems]

  • Fixed a bug that the Smudge tool and the Blur tool doesn't work if the Stroke Stabilizer is enabled or the Drawing tool is Line.
  • Fixed a bug that an error occurs on the Canvas screen if the Blend modes of color system are selected at a clipping layer.
  • Fixed a problem that a bug that a picture in a speed-painting movie of a square artwork is stretched is not fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that a quality of composing layers is bad if the Blend mode of a source layer is not the Normal and the opacity of pixels of a destination layer is not 100%.
  • Fixed a bug that the Force Fading function makes a differences of a thickness of lines which thickness is less than 1.0px.
  • Fixed many bugs that the direction of an artwork is different on playing.
  • Fixed many bugs that the direction of the Ruler tool is different.
  • Fixed a bug that the app crashes when the Stroke Stabilizer button is tapped on particular procedure.
  • Fixed a bug that the Ruler tool is displayed on uploading even if the movie type is "View Fixation".
  • Fixed a bug that the Redo button of the toolbar of the Full Screen mode is unavailable.
  • Fixed stability problems.