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Jun 16, 2021
ver.9.0.0 Released

ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.9.0.0 are now available.

 [New Features]  Introduction of new features is here.

  • Now you can use Transform tool to Layer folders.
  • In "Translate Scale" of the Transform tool, you can now choose "Interpolation Method" from "Nearest Neighbor (Dot)", "Average Pixel (Dot)", "Bilinear (Normal)", "Bicubic (Sharp)", "Lanczos 2 (Sharp)" and "Lanczos 3 (Sharp)". In particular the image quality of reduction is improved by this feature.
  • In "Perspective Form" of the Transform tool, you can now choose the repeat method from "Off", "Inner", "Horizon" and "Full".
  • Brush QR codes uploaded to Online Gallery are now downloaded easily from "Online" in the Brush window.
  • Improved the Canvas Size Selection window so that more different sizes of each aspect ration can be chosen.
  • Added "Bloom" filter to the "Artistic" category.
  • Added "Cross Filter" filter to the "Artistic" category.
  • Added "God Rays" filter to the "Style" category.
  • Now you can specify color by color code in the Color window.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version) Now the app responds to several keyboard shortcuts (only on iOS/iPadOS 14 or later). You can undo by command+Z, redo by command+Y or command+shift+Z, cut by command+X, copy by command+C and paste by command+V. Also, you can close window by esc key or delete key, and confirm an operation by return key.
  • (Android version) Now the app responds to several keyboard shortcuts. You can undo by Ctrl+Z, redo by Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z, cut by Ctrl+X, copy by Ctrl+C and paste by Ctrl+V. Also you can close window by Esc key or BackSpace key, and confirm an operation by Enter key.


  • Improved so that the Layer window will not be closed even if the undo/redo button is tapped while the Layer window is displayed.
  • Improved the undo/redo button to be displayed when a Layer window is displayed on a phone device.
  • Improved undo and redo functions using 2/3-finger tap gestures and digital stylus buttons even when a window is displayed (disabled in some windows)
  • Changed so that the Transformation window slides out when the first finger is touched in the Perspective Transformation and Mesh Transformation of the Move Transformation tool on phone devices.
  • The Perspective and Mesh Transformations of the Transform tool have improved image quality, especially when shrinking, when interpolation is enabled.
  • When the canvas was enlarged, it was often difficult to see where the currently transformed object went when the repeat option was turned off in the Transform tool's "Transform Scale".
  • Shortened the time it takes to start the Transform tool.
  • Added a rasterization confirmation alert when launching the Transform tool from the Transform button on the Option bar of the Lasso tool or the Transform button in the Layer window for text, frame, or shape layers.
  • When interpolation is enabled, anti-aliasing is applied to the outermost part of the drawing object in Perspective Form and Mesh Form.
  • In order to prevent unintentional movement of the entire mesh during Mesh Form, the ability to drag the entire mesh with one finger has been removed and a move knob has been added instead.
  • When the Current layer is not currently visible and cannot be made visible temporarily, the reason why the Transform and Filter tools cannot be started is now displayed and the tools are not started.
  • Changed so that the animation to close the displayed window when opening the File menu is not performed.
  • Changed so that the Bucket setting is saved regardless of the "Save Stabilizer Settings" setting.
  • Added "Fill with Current Color" and "Fill with Current Opacity" setting items to the Stabilizer window.
  • Changed so that the margin of "Add Frame" can be set up to half of the canvas size (width and height).
  • Changed so that the "Border Thickness", "Horizontal Interval", and "Vertical Interval" of the frame layout can be set up to 1/10 of the canvas short edge.
  • Changed so that data outside the bounding box of a layer is not output when exporting in PSD format.
  • Changed specification so that after using the Eyedropper tool while painting a lasso, it will return to the lasso painting tool.
  • Increased the opacity of the background color of the various pop-up windows in My Gallery and Collections to make the text more readable.
  • Improved the color palette arrangement so that it is fixed to 8 rows no matter where you look at it.
  • Fixed a problem where the background checkerboard pattern in the color palette would sometimes be drawn discontinuously.
  • Improved in-app UI (increased roundness of windows and pop-ups, increased balloon size)
  • Improved the UI of the tool selection bar and main toolbar in the editing screen on some devices.
  • Improved the ability to dock the tool selection window even on phone devices.
  • Improved the canvas size selection window on phone devices to match the height of the content.
  • End of Pogo Connect support for pressure-sensitive stylus
  • Added the ability to hide ads in the online gallery for users who have already paid.
  • (Android version) Changed the tutorial shown on the canvas screen so that it can be closed with the back button on the device.
  • (Android version) When the alert buttons are lined up vertically, the text on the buttons is now centered instead of left-aligned (or right-aligned in RTL).
  • (Android version) The share screen that appears when you tap the push notification for successful publication of a work has been removed, and the specification has been changed to open the work page in the browser application.
  • (Android version) Removed the ability to tweet the URL of an uploaded work on Twitter or share it on Facebook, which is displayed in the work information window of the uploaded work.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed an issue where the timing for switching the thumb display when operating the Array Ruler and Parsed Array Ruler was not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation of the zoom rate disappearing when the canvas is manipulated with two fingers was not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the OK button does not return to the My Gallery screen on the Canvas screen when there is an error alert that editing cannot continue due to lack of free storage space.
  • Fixed a bug that the layer window display was not refreshed when the undo/redo button was tapped while another window was opened from the layer window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash if the Return key on the keyboard was pressed repeatedly while an alert was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that the display status of the ✓ button in the settings window did not change when the screen size changed in Split View or Multi Window.
  • Fixed a bug that when the layer opacity was set to less than 100%, the preview before finalization would be faded according to the layer opacity when using the "Move Scaling" tool with a selection.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Move Scaling" of the "Move Transform" tool that, when repeat is enabled and interpolation is disabled, the selected layer might be interpolated when it should work without interpolation if there is a selection.
  • Fixed a bug that the interpolation result may be inaccurate when the canvas background is transparent and interpolation is enabled for view expansion.
  • Fixed a bug that the height of the Move Transform tool window may become taller when the terminal is rotated.
  • Fixed an alert on the title screen that thumbnails did not exist, which could cause a crash.
  • Improved compatibility with other apps when exporting work containing layer folders in PSD format.
  • Fixed a bug that the tool selection window may be displayed in an inappropriate position when rotating the device or changing the split size in split display without closing the window after changing the tool selection position in the setting window.
  • Fixed an issue where playing back a work was more prone to memory shortage than editing.
  • Fixed an issue where windows would not follow when rotating the device when double windows are open with copy pen.
  • Fixed the undo/redo tooltip to show image loading and material loading separately.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple error messages to be displayed when tapping the Do Not Allow button in the Photo Access Restrictions alert multiple times.
  • Fixed the problem that when you try to save a video with a corrupted ipv file and the Playback Repair alert appears, pressing the ok button will not start the playback repair.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate works would be created if copied while the ipv file was lost. Also fixed to remove duplicate works from the works list when there are duplicate works.
  • Fixed an issue where the settings are not saved immediately after changing the pressure adjustment graph.
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail images in the rankings are sometimes displayed in a small size.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting yes when thumbnails could not be regenerated would cause a regeneration alert to appear repeatedly.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when playing a work with a window.
  • Fixed a crash when opening My Gallery or Collection screen from the title screen by tapping repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the purchase link immediately on the product description page would cause an error to be displayed. Also, fixed an issue where the weight indicator would remain displayed when repeatedly tapping the purchase link.
  • (Android version) Fixed an issue where sharing would fail if the work name contained # or %.
  • (Android free version) Fixed a bug in which the ad banner on the original screen did not disappear after purchasing the ad removal add-on on the billing screen displayed by tapping the alternative ad.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version) Fixed an error that always occurred when trying to import a configuration file that exists in a zip file.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version) Changed so that the tracking permission dialog is not shown at the first launch, but a little later.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version) Fixed an issue with iOS/iPadOS 14 that caused an error alert to appear when canceling on image import.