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Feb 5, 2016
ver.3.7.0 for Android (Released 05/Feb/2016)

ibisPaint X ver.3.7.0 for Android is released.

 [New Features]

  • Added the Filter tool! 15 kinds of filters were added. (Brightness & Contrast, Hue Saturation Lightness, Color Balance, Extract Drawing, Change Drawing Color, Mono Color, Gray Scale, Black & White, Posterize, Gaussian Blur, Zooming Blur, Moving Blur, Blur Frame, Parallel Gradation and Concentric Gradation)
  • Added 49 new brushes! (Pencil(#1), Pencil(#2), Pencil(Graphite), Oil(Rough), Oil(Hair), Oriental(Shan Shui), Five Lines, Charcoal, Soft Pastel, Hard Pastel, Crayon, Chalk, Net(2 kinds), Circular Cross Hatching, Flash, Wedge, Pile, Speed, Stamp (30 kinds))
  • Added the transparent background function! (You can select the background color in the Layer window: White, Bright transparent and Dark transparent. Your transparent artwork will be saved as the transparent PNG if you save it as PNG.)
  • Added the rotation function of the canvas by two fingers! (You can disable this function from the Configuration window.)
  • Added the function that can share and save an artwork as the JPEG!
  • Added the function that imports the ipv file to the My Gallery which were opened in other apps! (You can use this function to backup and restore your ipv files and share the ipv file between users.)

 [Improved Points]

  • Added the new canvas size: Chat stamp and Vertical.
  • Changed the behavior of the Color Picker tool from an average color of 9px to a 1px color.
  • Sped up the display of the Brush Tool window.
  • Sped up 2 times faster the save processing of artworks.
  • Changed the initial size of the free canvas size to 1000x1000.
  • Renewed the description page of the first launch.
  • Changed the interpolation method of the zoom view of the My Gallery to the neighborhood approximation when the size of an artwork is smaller than the screen size.
  • Improved the push notification that app opens the page in accordance with the type of notification.
  • Changed the brush parameter of the Net as adjustable.
  • Improved the brush that it follows a snap angle of the Ruler exactly if the following rotation and the Ruler are enabled.
  • Added the Detail button to an alert of the notification of new functions and new feature page will be displayed if it is tapped.
  • Changed the Color window that it can be opened even if the Eraser, Smudge, Blur and Magic Wand tool is selected.
  • Changed the required count of viewing video for toll brush parameters: 3 and more times: 2 times, 2 times: 1 time
  • Changed the background color of the toolbar on the screen, such as My Gallery.
  • Improved the problem of the artwork rotation of the Art Property screen that it's difficult to tap on the thin canvas, such as 32x4096.
  • Added an icon of the push notification.

 [Fixed Bugs And Problems]

  • Fixed the bug that the screen tone is not displayed on the My Gallery screen if the clipping and the screen tone are enabled and the app crashed.
  • Fixed the problem that the playing timing is actually more accelerated.
  • Fixed the bug that the undo and redo breaks the production time and the playing.
  • Fixed the rare bug that the thumbnail image is broken.
  • Fixed the problem that the share function doesn't restore broken files.
  • Fixed the bug that the app crashes at the time of uploading an artwork.
  • Fixed the bug that playing speed of lines of the brush is incorrect.
  • Changed the display of the Ruler that it is not displayed even if the movie type is default.
  • Fixed the problem that the movie type is not the view fixation if an edit information disappeared.
  • Fixed the problem that the automatic restoration misses the vertical and the horizontal of an artwork.
  • Fixed the problem that the automatic restoration can't restore some abnormal artworks.
  • Fixed the bug that the direction of imported image is wrong if the device rotated before an image is selected.
  • Fixed the bug that the direction of UI doesn't match the direction of the device.
  • Fixed the problem that the URL button of the Browser screen displays "http://" even if the page is secure.
  • Fixed the problem that the Command button of the My Gallery screen is able to tap when no menu is displayed.
  • Changed the share function that it displays an error if the external storage is unavailable.
  • Fixed the bug that downloading artworks will fail after the save directory is changed.