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Feb 12, 2016
ver.3.7.1 for Android (Released 12/Feb/2016)

ibisPaint X ver.3.7.1 for Android is released.

 [Improved Points]

  • When a user who updated from less than Ver.3.7.0 rotates a canvas for the first time, an alert will be shown and notified a procedure of how to turn off rotating.
  • It was modified that an alert does not close in the erroneous operation, such as to tap outside and back button.

 [Fixed Bugs And Problems]

  • Fixed the bug of a stamp wrong orientation that occurs when the piece of work is landscape or changed the orientation.
  • Fixed the bug to be played in a different direction by tapping the play button, when you change the orientation by tapping the piece of work in the Art Properties screen.
  • Fixed the bug that the canvas background color is not correctly selected in the layer tool window while playing or uploading the piece of work.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash if it fails to open the work file.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash when read from the temporarily stored files.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash when the OpenGL information can not be acquired.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash When you close the filter window.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash during ruler use.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash by displaying an alert when an error occurs just before the canvas screen is closed.