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Apr 28, 2016
ver.4.0.0 (Released 28/Apr/2016)

ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.4.0.0 released. This time, iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version and Android version will be simultaneous release.

ibisPaint/ibisPaint X for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version supports iOS 7.0 or later from this update.
Therefore, the support for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch(4th Gen) will end on this update.
However you can download an old version on these devices.
We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

 [New Features]

  • Added the Text tool function! (It's the genuine tool that supports the vertical writing, the horizontal writing, the text stroke and multiple texts.)
  • Added the Material tool function! (You can use now 880 textures and tones.)
  • Added 6 new filters! (Wet Edge, Glow(Outer), Glow(Inner), Stroke(Both), Stroke(Inner), Stained Glass)
  • Added 21 new brushes! (Pen(Fade), Chain, Lace, Feather, Swallowtail, Spider Net, Waterwheel, Waterwheel(Outline), Gear Wheel1, Gear Wheel1(Outline), Gear Wheel2, Gear Wheel2(Outline), Pinwheel, Pinwheel(Outline), Square, Pentagram1, Pentagram2, Pentagram3, Hexagram1, Hexagram2, Hexagram3)
  • Added the movie saving and sharing function! (You can create the movie with designating movie length without the Twitter and the Facebook account.)
  • Added the function that creating a new drawing canvas based on your selected photo size!
  • Supported input from the keyboard of canvas size at the free canvas size of the canvas size selection screen!
  • Added the pressure sensitivity function by Apple Pencil for 9.7-inch iPad Pro!
  • Renewled the app icon and the title screen!

 [Improved Points]

  • Improved the quality of a imported picture when it wasn't scaled and rotated.
  • Changed the display behavior of the brush cursor. It was displayed on the eraser tool only on the previous version. It's now displayed on the brush tool, the finger tool and the blur tool.
  • Added "Upload" button to the IPV share dialog that was displayed from the share button of the My Gallery screen.
  • Improved the free canvas size function to save the last canvas size.
  • Improved drawing features. In compliance with the direction of the existing Heart brush on the 2 rows on the right, you can now draw a heart in any direction.
  • Changed the angle of brushes for the two rows on the right for the existing Light 4, Light 6, Light 8, Star. Star (Round), Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Blur Pentagon (In), and Blur Pentagon (Out) brushes. They have been rotated by half the amount of the preset angle.
  • Changed the brush palette of the brush tool window as presenting the initial angle.
  • Reduced the problem that the wait indicator is displayed frequently if lack of memory occurs on the device.
  • Changed the brush parameter of the digital pen without the pressure sensitivity.
  • Improved the account behavior to clear the authentication information and prompt to sign in again if "token is invalid" error occurs.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch only) Reduced the backup size of the iCloud by excluding sample artworks of the Collection from it.
  • (Android only) Arm64, x86 and x64 architectures are now supported natively.
  • (Android only) Fixed the rare problem that the canvas will be corrupted on some devices. With this, "Use previous composition processing" switch was added to the configuration window of the canvas screen. (Please don't change this switch if you don't have any problems.)

 [Fixed Bugs And Problems]

  • Fixed the bug that the app crashes when the brush tool window or the layer tool window is operated.
  • Fixed the bug that the app crashes when a picture was imported on the layer tool window more than two times.
  • Fixed the bug that the brush parameter is difference between new installation or all brush parameter reset and app update.
  • Fixed the bug that the canvas background color of a thumbnail image of an artwork is displayed wrong on the playing restoration.
  • Fixed the problem that lines of the selection area and the lasso tool are displayed difficult to see on high resolution devices.
  • Improved the operation of the table which can be scrolled on the canvas screen.
  • Fixed the problem that the border of the layer tool window was broken on phone devices.
  • Fixed the bug that the work time of an artwork is shifted if editing an artwork was suspended and the automatic restoration processed.
  • Fixed the bug that "Length Of Start" and "Length Of End" of the stabilizer tool were not saved if these values were same.
  • Fixed the bug that the artwork file will inconsistent if the app crashes while undo is processed.
  • Fixed the bug that an angle of a brush is played incorrectly if the direction of an artwork was changed later.
  • Fixed the bug that the stabilizer tool window is not opened when the button was tapped.
  • Fixed the bug that the app crashes when a layer of some screen tone will be composed with the selection area.
  • Fixed the bug that the app crashes when the window is closed immediately after the thumb of zooming blur filter was moved on slow devices.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch only) Fixed the bug that an old artwork is displayed in the upside-down on the My Gallery screen.
  • (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch only) Fixed the problem that the URL field and the button overlaps on the Online Gallery screen on some languages on the iPad.
  • (Android only) Fixed the bug that editing temporary files are not removed if some emoji is used on a name of an artwork on devices of Android 5.1 and prior.
  • (Android only) Fixed the bug that the background of a layer becomes black when a layer was moved on Asus ME173X.
  • (Android only) Fixed the bug that the filter is applyed to the current layer if the Back button was pressed while the filter is configuring.