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Jul 26, 2011
ver. 1.2.0 (Released 26/Jul/2011)

ibisPaint ver.1.2.0 released!

[New Features And Improvement]

  • New tools are added
    • Magic Wand Tool (Select by color)
    • Free Select Tool
    • Move Tool
  • Improve drawing when lines being drawn quickly.
  • You can upload your movies even if you don't have a YouTube account.
    "Use a YouTube account of your own"(ON/OFF) is added to settings. If you have already set your own YouTube account, it is set to ON. Otherwise it is set to OFF and a YouTube account of ibis inc. is used to upload.
  • Tool tip is added on the toolbar of Layer window.
  • Improve the thickness of dip pen.
  • Toolbar is hidden when the movie is rewinded in player view. (Full screen art view)
  • Player stops when the movie is rewinded in player view.
  • A function to save the mov file to Photo Library and delete the mov file in Art Property.
  • Fill the layer when the reference layer is clear.
  • The number of layers created in new art is changed to 1.
  • The wait-indicator for back up displayed about every 100 lines drawn is removed.

[Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that

  • It can't be drawn with thin (such as 1px) brushes when canvas is largely enlarged and drawn slowly.
  • Temporary color picker keep displayed after zooming in/out of canvas.
  • Current color does not be set back after canceling color picker by zooming in/out of canvas.
  • Displayed gray background is shownWhen a layer which is completely opaque is cleared with selection area.
  • Layer position is moved when device is rotated while moving layer with canvas being zoomed in/out.
  • Selected area of a layer is cleared when the layer is not selection layer and is moving and the device is rotated.
  • Not displayed "X" when on filling tool when fill edge is set to "Color" and current layer is clear.
  • HSB slider value of the Color window is changed when close and re-open the Color window.
  • HSB slider value ot the Color window is changed in playing.
  • Drawing position is not right in playing when the layer is moved/rotated and the device is rotated before saving.
  • Can't play the art when app crashes after a layer operation such as adding, copying, importing from Photo Library, merging down, deleting or rearranging.
  • The direction of the art is not correct when the vector file is damaged and fixed it in expanded view of My Gallery.