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Aug 21, 2011
ver. 1.2.1 (Released 21/Aug/2011)

ibisPaint ver.1.2.1 released!

[New Features And Improvement]

  • Added prevention of vector file collapsing.
  • Enabled to re-upload when mov file is deleted.
  • Enabled to keep playing when wrong current layer number raises in playing.
  • Changed not to float layer talbe row in Layer Window when there is only 1 normal layer.
  • Modified message for upload error to YouTube.
  • Changed to wait scrolling online gallery view of title window until the 1st left art is loaded.

[Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that

  • Layer merging down process modification is disabled.
  • Displaying property window of magic wand is not played.
  • Play time is not right when undone after device sleeping.
  • Drawing and playing are not same when drawn with flat brushes with no following rotation.
  • App may freeze when close a window with displaying tooltips.
  • App may crash when rewinded after playing vector file containing filling or magic wand process in speed of x1.
  • App may crash when tooltip raises.
  • Error occurs when repeated tapping undo just after repeated drawing rapidly.
  • Error occurs when played filling in old format vector file.
  • Layer designation is cleared in filling or magic wand.
  • Selected area is not displayed when color of selection layer is inverted when selection layer is clear.
  • Same art work can be uploaded again if uploading canceled in particular timing.