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May 14, 2014
ver.3.0.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch(Released 14/May/2014)

ibisPaint ver.3.0.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch released.

 [New Features & Improved Points]

  • Improved the algorithm of the brush tool.
  • Changed the interpolation method of the magnification of the canvas.
  • Added a function that displays the expiration of the authentication data of the accounts.
  • Restored the function that you can upload the movie if you don't have the Google account.
    *Your movies will be uploaded to our server if you don't have the Google account. You can't share the URL of movies.
  • Changed the title of the share of the URL of the Facebook to an art name.

 [Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that
      You can't rotate on the mode of moving a layer or importing the picture after you rotate the device.
    • The process of renaming the undo cache fails.
    • The alert of the lack of the storage displayed many times.
    • The row of a layer may be hidden when you rearrange layers.
    • The color of a line of the lasso tool is different.
    • A line thickens when you enlarge the canvas and draw it.
    • Anti-aliasing enables in the digital pen.
    • The dotted line of selection area is displayed small on the mode of importing a picture in the Retina devices.
    • Reloading the page of the browser screen reads caches.
    • Pogo Connect doesn't work with the iPad Air and iPad mini(2nd).
    • The connection of the Pogo Connect via the Pogo Bridge isn't recognized.


    • Suspended the support for Yifang Digital A-pen, MVPen EN309i and e-pens mobile notes for iPad.
    • Changed max length of movies to 58 seconds.