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Jun 11, 2014
ver.3.0.3 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch(Released 11/Jun/2014)

ibisPaint ver.3.0.3 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch released.

ibisPaint supports iOS 6.0 or later from this update.
Therefore ibisPaint doesn't support iPad(1st Gen) and iPod touch(3rd Gen) from this update.
However you can download an old version on these devices.
Please give us an understanding.

 [New Features & Improved Points]

  • Reduced the consumption of the battery up to 35% on the canvas screen. (Depends on devices and use conditions)
  • Changed the interpolation method of the magnification of the canvas.
  • Added a function that you can select the interpolation method of the magnification of the canvas.
    * You can select it by "Interpolation On ZoomIn " on the Configuration window of the canvas screen.
      The default value is on (Enable Interpolation).
      The imterpolation method to ver.3.0.1 is on (Enable interpolation).
      The interpolation method of ver.3.0.2 is off (Disable interpolation).
  • Improved the speed of playing the flood fill tool and importing the picture.
  • Changed the initial value of "Reference Layer" of the flood fill tool and the magic wand tool to "Canvas".

 [Fixed Problems]

    • Fixed a problem that animations on the canvas screen are skipped.
    • Fixed a rare problem that the inconsistent error occurs on playing art works.
    • Fixed a bug that the number of layers is increased by the automatic restoration of the vector file.
    • Avoid a problem that app is crashed by the bug of the OS when you import the picture on iOS 7 iPad for the first time.
    • Fixed stability problems.


    • Resumed the support for Yifang Digital A-pen, MVPen EN309i and e-pens mobile notes for iPad.