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Sep 20, 2011
ver. 2.0.0 (Released 20/Sep/2011)

ibisPaint ver.2.0.0 released!

The ibisPaint comes to compatible with iPhone/iPod touch!(iPhone 3GS or later)
You can create, upload and view art works also on your iPhone! Enjoy art anywhere, anytime!
The ibisPaint will be a universal app so if you have used ibisPaint on iPad, it is free to download on your iPhone.

[New Features And Improvement]

  • Compatible with iPhone/iPod touch (iPhone 3GS or later) as a Universal app.
  • Drawing with a paintbrush improved.
  • Arrangement in Local Gallery changed to ordering by the date of download.
  • Add sounds on undoing/redoing.
  • Add fading in/out of YouTube account button when switching ON/OFF.
  • Add introduction of other apps of ibis inc.'s.

[Fixed Problems]

Fixed problems that

  • App may crash in moving layer or importing photo.
  • App may crash when tapped with two fingers using Magic Wand.
  • Action may not be canceled when tapped with two fingers.
  • App may freeze when undone just after drawing lines speedily.
  • Image may be rotated in playing importing a photo.
  • Unit is not displayed after the number of "Initial Angle".
  • The imported photo moves when you rotate your device while moving it if the size of photo is different from one of display.
  • The layer content is diluted when copied.
  • Layer window is keep displayed after playing ended when tapped "Back" in editing with layer window opened.
  • Filling and selecting by Magic Wand are incorrect when the edge is set to opacity and the reference layer is set to canvas.
  • Layer may be left away from finger when rearranging order of layers.
  • The starting and ending parts are thick when drawn with round brush with setting the opacity of edge less than 100% and the opacity of the color is less than 100%.
  • Redoing after undoing of layer deletion right after redoing and undoing composition of layers are incorrect.