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Jan 18, 2023
ver.10.0.7 Released

ibis Paint / ibis Paint X ver.10.0.7 are now available.


  • (Android) Improved the ability to save Rain filter videos to the device.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a bug in Relief filter that caused the area around the relief to become unnaturally transparent.
  • Fixed a problem in which the part outside the selection disappears on some devices when a filter such as Gaussian Blur is used with a selection.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in rare cases when editing is completed.
  • Fixed a bug in which a filter in the "Adjust Color" category could be applied to the wrong area when there is a selection.
  • Fixed a bug that the canvas may become abnormally slow when manipulating it during "Translate Scale" in the Move Transform tool.
  • Faster Liquify Pen.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the artwork file to be in a strange state if the app crashes when using a brush or special pen with "Separate Each Stroke" disabled.
  • Added the ability to reset text parameters in the event of a crash when adding text.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause a crash if the OK button of the error alert is pressed when an error occurs during editing due to insufficient memory.
  • Fixed a bug that drawing with "Separate Each Stroke" OFF may not be displayed in the reduced image in the Layer window.
  • (Android) (Windows) Fixed a bug that the picture on a layer may shift when using screen tones.
  • (Android) Fixed a bug that the image of a layer may become monochrome noise state on some devices.
  • (Android) Fixed a problem in which the writing pressure becomes maximum when the function of touch operation assistance apps made by other companies is turned on.
  • (Windows) Fixed a bug that the Share button and Action button icons on the My Gallery screen were incorrect.