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Mar 3, 2023
ver.10.0.8 Released

ibis Paint / ibis Paint X ver.10.0.8 are now available.


  • Changed to save playback restored artworks as separate artworks.
  • Improved to complete repair with the current playback result when an error occurs during playback restoration.
  • Improved tab, category, and scroll position recording when closing the Material tool window, and restoring it the next time it is opened.
  • Changed the brush pattern to follow the rotation/reversal of the Array Ruler even if the vertex knob of the Array Ruler is not moved.
  • When "Billboard Display on Array Ruler" is enabled, the rotation direction of the brush pattern due to "Following Rotation" being enabled has been changed to the same as when there is no Array Ruler.
  • When using Array Ruler, Elliptical Ruler is enabled, and "Following Rotation" and "Bind the Center on Elliptical Ruler" are enabled, the brush pattern direction is now reversed depending on the direction of rotation of the brush stroke.
  • Array Ruler is changed to always draw in the same order.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a bug that could cause layer pictures to break when the automatic repair process is executed after editing a artwork for a long time.
  • Fixed a bug that when merging layers, if the layer opacity of the layer to be merged is less than 100%, the merged result may be incorrect.
  • Fixed a problem in the font list window where the scroll position was reset in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a freeze when trying to edit a artwork that requires playback repair.
  • Fixed a problem in which playback of brush strokes with "Separate Each Stroke" turned off could result in incorrect playback.
  • Fixed a bug in which brush patterns were not always visible when the brush parameter was set to type "Double", "Bind the Center on Elliptical Ruler" was enabled, or "Absolute Shadow Size" was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when drawing with a brush whose brush parameters are type "Double" and "Anti-aliasing" disabled using a vertex manipulated array ruler.
  • Fixed a bug that caused brush patterns to shrink incorrectly or not shrink at all when Array Ruler was used, Elliptical Ruler was enabled, and "Following Rotation" and "Bind the Center on Elliptical Ruler" were enabled.
  • Fixed a bug in which brush patterns sometimes did not line up correctly in a grid pattern when the brush "Dot" was used in conjunction with Array Ruler.
  • Fixed a bug that when using Array Ruler, the angles of patterns drawn by brush with scatter and "Angle Based on Center" enabled were sometimes incorrect.
  • (iOS/iPadOS) Fixed a bug that caused drawing anomalies on small canvas sizes when using brushes with dot values set when the brush parameter "Anti-aliasing" is enabled and the thickness is a half-integer (number containing .5 in the decimal part).
  • (Windows) Fixed a bug that prevented saving artwork information changes in the artwork information window when the file size of the artwork exceeds 2 GB.