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Jul 8, 2014
ibisPaint X ver. 3.1.0 for Android (Released 08/Jul/2014)

ibisPaint X ver.3.1.0 for Android is released.

 [New Features & Improved Points]

  • Added "Multiply" layer operator.
  • Improved the speed of the brush tool and the eraser tool.
  • The content of a layer does not deteriorate anymore if you just move a layer in layer moving mode.
  • Improved the setting of the interpolation method of the magnification of the canvas that it will take effect in the real time.
  • Added the regeneration process of thumbnail images of art works in the My Gallery screen.

 [Fixed Problems]

    • Fixed a problem that the Restoration screen will not close after you close an alert.
    • Fixed a bug that the content of the current layer is broken by the auto restoration on some devices.
    • Fixed a bug that the auto restoration fails if the My Gallery screen is opened with the zoom mode.
    • Fixed a problem that the newly created art work is not selected.
    • Fixed a problem that you can't draw lines on the device of PowerVR SGX 531.
      *You can't use smudge and blur tool on the device of PowerVR SGX 531 by various circumstances.
    • Fixed a bug that the app crashes in the launch on devices that the behavior of the storage is inconsistent.
    • Fixed many stability problems.