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Jul 30, 2018
ibis Paint X ver.5.5.4 for Android (Released 30/Jul/2018)

ibis Paint X ver.5.5.4 for Android is now available.

 [Improved Points]

  • Now the app retries the process of opening an existent artwork file in the low-memory mode if it failed due to lack of memory.
  • Changed the message in the error alert which is displayed if the memory shortage occurred.
  • Now the app goes into the low-memory mode after it experienced memory shortage.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • The numbers in the width and height edit boxes in the window of the Change Canvas Size tool is now colored red when it is out of the range of possible canvas sizes.
  • Fixed a bug on some devices that freezes the app when you draw a line by the Brush tool.
  • Fixed a bug on x64 devices with Android 5.x which causes the app to crash when it tries to play video ads or to share and save a video.
  • Fixed a bug on some devices with MediaTek MT8125 or Intel Atom where the undo and cancel of the Smudge tool and Blur tool do not work properly.