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Apr 26, 2023
ver.10.0.10 Released

ibis Paint / ibis Paint X ver.10.0.10 are now available.


  • Twitter account linked login function now supports Twitter API specification changes.
  • (iOS/iPadOS) (Android) Improved error message when unable to connect to the Internet when registering an Apple account.
  • (Windows) Improved error message when unable to connect to the Internet when registering Twitter/Facebook/Apple accounts.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a bug in which subsequent drawing may be corrupted when canvas size, trimming, or resolution changes in the Canvas tool are executed without any size change, such as by confirming the change without any operation after startup.
  • Fixed a problem that caused text tool setting information such as font size to be reset in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug that the height and strength of the filter "Glitch" did not follow the specified values even if they were specified in px in the case of horizontal artworks.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented some artworks from being repaired in Replay Repair.
  • Fixed a bug in the artwork information window that prevented deleting characters when the artwork name exceeded 40 characters.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when downloading files for Cloud Synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug that the application sometimes freezes after suspending and returning.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a vertical flip to be toasted as a left-to-right flip and a right-to-left flip as a vertical flip when undo/redoing a artwork in landscape mode.
  • (iOS/iPadOS) Fixed a case in which drawing was improperly shifted when the canvas size was small and the "Dot" parameter was not 0, 100, or 200%.
  • (Android) Fixed a bug in which the expiration date of Facebook account credentials was not correctly determined.
  • (Android Google Play version) Fixed a bug that prevented in-app purchases when the Google Play Store app version is older.