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Jan 30, 2019
ver.5.5.10 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (Released 30/Jan/2019)

ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.5.5.10 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch are now available.

 [New Features]

  • Now you can save a Pressure Adjustment Graph specific for each digital stylus. The Pressure Adjustment Graph for a digital stylus is shown and editable when you select the stylus in the Settings window.


  • Improved some texts shown in alert boxes, buttons, or other places of UI.
  • Some improvements on UI layouts.
  • Changed the name of the "Extract Drawing" filter to "Extract Line Drawing".
  • Removed the "Tweet a notification to your twitter when published" button in the Preferences window.
  • Now the Font list window automatically scrolls when the app inserts downloadable fonts so that the currently selected font keeps to be seen in the screen, except when you have already scrolled the window manually.
  • Now the messages that appear when you are trying to use an unsupported tool for a layer (e.g., using the Brush tool for a Text layer) are shown for 2 seconds, while in older versions they were shown for 1 seconds.
  • Added an item "3D Touch" to the Stylus List window (shown in the Settings window) on devices with 3D Touch. If you want to see and edit the Pressure Adjustment Graph for 3D Touch, first select the "3D Touch" in the Stylus List window.
  • Improved the default setting of the Pressure Adjustment Graph for Wacom stylus. To use this setting, press the "Reset" button in "Pressure Sensitivity" of the Settings window while Wacom stylus is connected.
  • Now a guidance message will be shown in the Pressure Adjustment Graph when you cannot use SonarPen (for example, the app does not have access to microphone) while you have selected it in the Settings window.
  • Now a guidance message will be shown in the Pressure Adjustment Graph when the 3D touch is disabled in the iOS settings while you have selected it in the Settings window.
  • Now the minimum size of a canvas is 1x1 on many devices. On some devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad (4th generation), iPhone 5s、iPad Air (1st generation), iPad mini 2、iPad mini 3) the minimum size is 9x9.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a bug where using both of screen tone and clipping in an artwork file leads to crash on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug where the area of selected pixels by the Lasso tool is shifted by 0.5 pixels from the area you have specified actually.
  • Fixed a bug that the app sometimes crashes in the Canvas screen when you closed a window which contains a browser.
  • Fixed a bug of the Import from Photo Library feature where you can operate the Layer window after you have selected an image and are waiting for the Transform tool to launch.
  • (ibis Paint X only) Fixed a bug where the app crashes when you tap the Ad banner.