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Apr 25, 2019
ver.5.6.0 (Released 25/Apr/2019)

ibisPaint/ibisPaint X ver.5.6.0 are now available.

 [New Features]

  • Added the Prime Material feature and the Prime Font feature.


  • Changed the color blending calculation around rendering frames or texts on a Frame layer, Text layer or Shape layer. It fixes a problem where the edges of the texts is too white. To maintain compatibility, this improvement is applied only to newly created artworks after this update.
  • Now a popup window is shown when you tapped the button at the right end of a font on the Font List window, and it allows you to remove the font or confirm the license file if it exits.
  • Changed the label of the "Region" button at the top of the Font List window (whether or not it appears depends on your language settings, i.e., it will appear when Japanese or Chinese) to the name of your language (i.e., "Japanese" or "Chinese").
  • Improved the memory performance when you scroll the Font List window.
  • Now a material which you selected is added to history tab when you canceled it.
  • (Android version) Now the app shows the wait indicator which appears while a stylus is trying to connect.
  • (Android version) Some improvements to SonarPen such as connection processing, pressure accuracy and the palm rejection.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a problem where a font could not be downloaded properly from some font distribution sites with the browser launched from the Font List window of the Text tool.
  • (Android version) Fixed a problem where the app become inoperable after connecting to SonarPen if you touch the screen while connecting to SonarPen with the palm rejection is enable.
  • (Android version) Fixed a bug where a position of the text in the label such as a tutorial is wrong.