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Mar 21, 2024
ver.12.0.1 Released

ibis Paint / ibis Paint X ver.12.0.1 are now available.

 [Improvements, Changes]

  • Changed the position of "Vector Felt Tip Pen" and "Vector Dip Pen" in Brush window to the place between "Glass Pen" and "Pencil (#1)".
  • Changed to allow full-width alphanumeric characters to be entered in Color Code input dialog.

 [Fixed Bugs and Problems]

  • Fixed a bug where the quality of thumbnails displayed on My Gallery screen may deteriorate.
  • Fixed a bug where the app crash during automatic restoration of an IPV file of an artwork.
  • Fixed a bug where the orientation of the blue frame displayed when multiple shapes were selected was not updated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the border of a text shape may not be drawn immediately after starting the trial of Vector tool.
  • Fixed a bug where when editing the vertices of a brush shape, the line connecting the vertices could become difficult to see.
  • Fixed an issue where the brush pattern angle may become incorrect when reversing a shape drawn on Array Ruler with the vertex knob manipulated.
  • (iOS/iPadOS) Fixed an OS bug that would prevent photos from being read by abolishing the ability to only add to the photo library and standardizing the permissions to read and write.
  • (iOS/iPadOS) Fixed a bug where full-width alphanumeric characters were not processed correctly when entered in the text field of Color code input dialog.
  • (iOS/iPadOS) Fixed an issue where Terms of Service link would not work correctly when attempting to create an ibisAccount.