03. Start Creating an Artwork

The above is the Title Screen. This time try making your own artwork. First of all, tap (1) My Gallery.

At first, there will be no artwork in the gallery. All of the artwork you make will go in here. First of all, tap the (1) + button to add an artwork.

A selection of canvas sizes compatible with your device will be displayed. SD size is a small canvas, and HD size is a large canvas. The size (number of pixels, and resolution) will depend on your device. The maximum number of layers will also be displayed. This number also depends on your device. We recommend SD size as it uses less memory and storage and has a higher maximum number of layers. Tap (1) SD Size.

The above is the Canvas Screen. This is the main screen where you will create your artwork. To stop creating use the (1) BACK button. This will take you back to the My Gallery screen.