13. Making a Selection with the Magic Wand

The Magic Wand uses the same algorithm as the Fill Tool to make a selection. When an area is selected, only the selected area will be affected by use of the brush or eraser tool. Areas outside the selected area will be left unchanged.
Now, select the (2) Magic Wand from the (1) Tool Selector.

Once you have selected the Magic Wand, open the (1) Magic Wand Property Window. We want to make a selection using the Basecoat Layer as the reference, so set the boundary to (2) Color, (3) 10%. For the reference layer set (4) Specific, and select the (5) Basecoat Layer. Close the (1) Magic Wand Property Window when you have finished.

Select (1) Add Mode and tap the (2) Skin Area. This will select the skin area only. Painting in this state means that any color you add will stay within the selection and not go over the lines. What you have done is to make the skin-colored area of the Basecoat Layer the selection area.

Tap the (1) Clear button to remove the selection area.

If there is a Basecoat Layer you can use the Magic Wand to easily select the skin, clothes, skirt, hair accessory, etc.