09. Fine Tuning Using the Lasso Tool

When doing the line drawing it is common to want to change the placement or size of the eyes. You can use the lasso tool to change the placement or size of a part of the drawing.

When your drawing is like this, try shifting the eyes. First of all, tap the (1) Lasso Tool from the Tool Selection Window.

Tap the (2) Lasso Tool from the (1) Tool Selection Window. The lasso tool selects the portion of the image surrounded by your stroke.

At the bottom of the screen there is a mode selector and two commands. The three modes are (1) Set, (2) Add, and (3) Subtract. In Set Mode you create a selection with one stroke. In such a case, the previous selection disappears and a new one is created. Add Mode keeps the current selection and adds a new selection as defined by your stroke. Subtract Mode subtracts the region defined by your stroke from the current selection.
While you are still a beginner, using just the Add Mode is a good idea.

While in Add Mode make a stroke around the eye. A selection region will be displayed with a dashed line. The inside of this dashed line is the portion of the drawing that you have selected.

Open the layer window and you will see a small blue dot on the (1) Selection Layer at the top (the layer with the pink background). On the Selection Layer, the part of the image that is selected is shown in blue. Looking just at the dashed line it is not possible to tell whether the inside or outside of the line is selected, but it is easy to check in the layer window. Now, close the layer window.

Tap the (1) Invert Selection button (just tap it once). Tapping it does not change anything that you can see on the screen, but now re-open the layer window.

Can you see that the selection layer at the top has been inverted? This shows that the area outside of the dashed line is now selected. Now, close the layer window.

Tap the (1) Invert Selection button again to change the selection back to the inside of the dashed line.
Now, try tapping the (2) Clear button. The dashed line that shows the selection will disappear. Applying color while the selection region remains will only apply color to the selection. Forgetting to clear the selection can make it feel like you can’t apply color anywhere. This is a common mistake, so always remember to clear the selection after you have finished working on it.
Let’s get back to the task at hand and change the position of the eye.

In Add Mode make a stroke around the eye to select it.

Zoom in to the face. Next, tap the (1) Tool Selector and change to the (2) Move Layer Tool.

Use (1) one finger to drag and (2) two fingers (pinch) to scale the selection.
To rotate, turn (3) Rotate ON and use a two-fingered drag to rotate.
When you are satisfied with the position of the eye tap the (4) Done button to close the Move Layer tool.
After tapping the Done button clear the selection.

Finish the line drawing using the brush, eraser, undo, lasso tool, etc.

Hide your sketched draft after you have finished the line drawing. Tap the (1) Eye Icon to hide the layer.

If the bottom toolbar is getting in your way tap the fullscreen button to hide the Quickslider bar and make the toolbar icons transparent. If you want to be able to see your whole drawing it is a good idea to use full screen mode.