05. Do Your Draft Sketch by Hand

Trying to draw on a small smartphone screen is very difficult for beginners. As such, we suggest that you use an analog drawing (i.e. something that you have drawn on paper) as the starting point for your adventure into digital art.

If you have a sketchbook, draw something in there. Printer or notebook paper is also fine. Draw as you normally do and then take a photo of it with your smartphone.

Tap the (1) Layer Window in the main toolbar to open the layer window.

Next, tap the (1) Camera button and import the photograph of your drawing.

Selecting the photo activates positioning mode. Use one finger to drag and two fingers (pinch) to zoom in and out. Tap theicon to toggle rotation ON and rotate the image with a two-fingered drag. When you have finished, tap the Done button.

  • (1) Drag with one finger to move.
  • (2) Use two fingers (pinch) to zoom in and out (to change size).
  • (3) Turn rotation ON and rotate with a two-fingered drag.
  • (4) Tap the Done button when you are finished.

Now we have three layers. The layer with the pink background is called the (1) Selection Layer. It is a special layer where you can use the brush or eraser to create selection areas. We recommend that beginners do not use this layer.