14. Making a Gradation (Shading)

Let’s try shading the skin.

First, open the layer window and add a Paint Layer in addition to the Basecoat Layer that you already have. Tap the (1) Basecoat Layer and then tap the (2) + button. This will create a Paint Layer above the Basecoat Layer.

Finally, tap the (1) Paint Layer that you just created to make it the Current Layer. Forgetting to make it the Current Layer will create problems in the future so please take care. This is an error that beginners often make.

Select the skin with the Magic Wand, as described in the previous section. First, select the Magic Wand from the Tool Selector. Next, open the (1) Magic Wand Property Window and set the (2) Color to (3) 10%, and set (4) Specific to the (5) Basecoat Layer.

Let’s select the eyes. Tap (1) and (2) with the Magic Wand to create a selection area.

Next, select the Brush Tool and draw pupils in a dark brown color using the Pen (Soft).

Next, open the Brush Property Window and select the (1) Airbrush (Trapezoid 20%) and set the size to 95px (pixels).

Color in the top half of the eyes with the Airbrush. Because you have set a selection area it is possible to do the shading without spilling over into other areas. Finally, use a white Pen (Soft) to add in the highlights.

Using the Magic Wand with the Basecoat as reference make a selection, apply color, make another selection, apply color and repeat until you have finished.