04. Toolbar and Tool Selection

The above is the main toolbar. From left to right are (1) Brush/Eraser Toggle, (2)Tool Selector, (3) Properties, (4) Color, (5) Fullscreen View, (6) Layer, (7) BACK.

The above is the Tool Selection Window, which allows you to change the main tool. At first, the brush is selected. From the top are displayed (1) Move Layer, (2) Magic Wand, (3) Lasso Tool, (4) Filter Tool, (5) Brush Tool, (6) Eraser Tool, (7) Finger Tool, (8) Feathering Tool, (9) Fill Tool, (10) Text Tool, (11) Dropper Tool, and (12) Settings. While it may seem a lot to take in all at once you’ll soon get used to it as you start creating with the app.

The button at the top right of the screen is (1) Stabilizer and Force Fading, (2) Ruler Tool, (3) Material toolfrom the left.