17. Paste a Texture

You can use this when adding a pattern to clothing or applying a manga screen tone.

First, select the clothes with the Magic Wand. Select the Magic Wand from the Tool Selector and tap the skirt to set it as the selection. Before making the selection check that the Magic Wand Properties are set to Color, 10%, Specific, and Basecoat Layer.

Select the skirt with the Magic Wand.

Next, tap the Camera Icon to import a texture (pattern). You should be able to find a lot of copyright free texture sites by searching on Google. Every site has its own terms of use, so be sure to abide by them even when using free resources. Open the Layer Windowv, set the (1) Basecoat Layer as the Current Layer and tap the (2) Camera Icon to import a texture.

Place the texture so that it covers the skirt and tap the Done button. In this case we have used a Liquid-based texture pattern.

Set the Texture Layer as the (1) Current Layer and tap (2) Duplicate Layer. Doing this will ensure that only the selected area will be duplicated. Now, (3) delete the Texture Layer that you imported.

Importing a texture, duplicating it and then deleting it should result in something like the above.

In this example a texture for the background has been imported in the same way.
Depending on the texture, changing the layer blend mode to Add or Multiply can have interesting effects.