11. Select Colors in the Color Window

Next is the color fill, but in order to do that let’s learn how to use the color window. First of all select the (1) Brush Tool.

Next, tap the square icon on the main toolbar to open the (1) Color Window.

  • (1) Current Color
  • (2) Previous Color (this is Current Color at the time you opened the window)
  • (3) Color Circle and HSB Box
  • (4) Hue Slider (H)
  • (5) Saturation Slider (S)
  • (6) Brightness Slider (B)
  • (7) Transparency Slider
  • (8) HSB/Palette Toggle Button
  • (9) HSB/RGB Toggle Button

When you want to create a color, drag the picker inside the Color Circle and HSB Box, and adjust the sliders. HSB stands for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness. Dragging the picker changes the Current Color so be sure to take notice while adjusting the color settings.
Changing the HSB has a more direct feel to it but when sharing information such as the skin color you used in a magazine or website RGB is often used. RGB stands for the three colors that make up the light we perceive - Red, Green and Blue.
To do this, tap the (9) HSB/RGB Toggle button to toggle between HSB and RGB.

The RGB Slider will be displayed. To return to the HSB slider simply tap the (1) HSB/RGB Toggle button again.

The Palette Screen is for saving and selecting frequently used colors. Tap the (1) HSB/Palette Toggle button.

The above palette is the default setting. Save colors that you have made yourself in this palette. Tap the (1) HSB/Palette Toggle button to return to the HSB screen.

Hold down and drag the current color to automatically move to the palette screen. Drop the color into an open space down the bottom to save it into the palette. It’s useful to save colors you like, such as two colors that make up skin color, in this way.

In the above screenshot, the color button, which should be fourth from the left, is disabled. There are some situations where the color button is disabled.

  • 1. Color is not able to be selected when using the Magic Wand, Lasso Tool, Finger Tool, Eraser Tool, and Feathering Tool.
  • 2. Color is not able to be selected when the current layer is the Selection Layer.

In the above, the current layer is the Selection Layer (the layer with the pink background). In this situation, colors cannot be selected.