21. Post Your Artwork

Since you’ve worked so hard on your drawing, post it for everyone to see. Having a lot of people view your work, and the communication that brings, is great motivation to keep drawing. Tap the (1) Tag button in My Gallery to open the Art Property screen.

If a horizontal image is displayed vertically, tap the (1) Thumbnail(small image) to rotate it. Next, tap (2) Title to name your work. (3) Artist is where you enter your name. This name will not be displayed when you upload your work. It will only be displayed when you show friends and family on your device. If you are going to upload the work, fill in the (4) Description. Tapping the ‘>’ makes it easier to input. (5) Tags are not currently being used so you do not need to enter anything in here. If you set the (6) Video Type as Standard it is choppy and hard to view, so set it to View fixation and upload.

The first time that you try to upload something tapping the upload button will open the settings screen.
To upload to the online gallery you need to have a Twitter or Facebook account. (1) select either of the options. Next, tap the (2) Account button and enter your ID and password.

Enter your (1) ID and (2) Password and tap (3) OK.

Once your details have been verified tap the (1) End button.

Finally, tap the Upload button.
It will take a few minutes for the video to be created and uploaded. The video will be posted to the online gallery 1-2 minutes after uploading is finished.